Reaching Heights


On Friday, April 28, thousands of mini triangles of dark blue and orange could be seen throughout campus. Students everywhere stopped to sit at the Commons, Palms Grille, Campanile, and—the most crowded place of all—the Field House. There, they each had claimed their copy of the 2017 Summit yearbook.

Micah Simmons (Sr., NV) said, “I think of the yearbook as highlights—high points from each aspect of the College.”

“I like going back and looking at my friends’ messages in my yearbook. Some of them are really encouraging. They just show the great friendships I have made here,” said Gabriel Perez (Sr., FL).

Dan Rushing

With “Reaching Exceptional Heights” boldly printed across the cover, the 2017 yearbook was dedicated to Dr. Dan Rushing, dean of Biblical studies. “He definitely reaches exceptional heights. I think he’s one of the people who does so many important works in the background that we don’t get to see,” said Marissa Jobin, the yearbook editor.

Throughout the year, President Troy Shoemaker had been hinting at the theme in the chapel messages, announcements, and even encouraging notes on Eagle’s Nest. “The students are already familiar with the theme. They just don’t know it yet,” Esther Hallman, the 2017 Summit adviser, said before the unveiling.

The 2017 yearbook was covered with small triangular patterns and many pictures of hands on its dividers. Gretchen Hurda, the yearbook’s designer, said, “We wanted a design that speaks of the theme.”

The triangles signified the idea of reaching a peak, while the hands reflect the theme verse Eccles. 9:10, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” With this verse in mind, the Summit yearbook encouraged students to give their best in whatever fields they might be studying.

Senior Ryan Hale (CA) said, “The theme really speaks to me that there are highs and lows in life. The important thing is to work the hardest at the low points to reach and be able to appreciate the best heights. Though my year had some low points, it only means there are more high points coming.”

The yearbook also featured world events that occurred throughout the year. “Decades from now, it will be interesting to open the yearbook and remember the events happening both nationally and internationally,” said President Shoemaker as he presented the 2017 Summit yearbook to the student body.

Published 5/5/2017