Bible Conference 2017

According to sophomore Jared Delgado, ten minutes into the annual Bible Conference picnic he and his friends had already forgotten about the unusually cold March temperature. Instead, they (along with the rest of the student body) were enjoying the food.

In addition to a ready-made lunch, students and staff enjoyed various types of free concessions such as popcorn, hotdogs, pretzels, and Cracker Jacks, and even the cold couldn’t stop anyone from eating ice cream cones. The baseball-themed picnic on Eagle Field featured games such as Whiffle Ball, Base Hits, and Baseball Cap Toss as well as performances by Symphonic Band, Spirit Singers, and One Accord.

Later that evening, everyone gathered together in the Crowne Centre as Dr. Tim Zacharias opened the conference, preaching against a false perspective of who God is. Dr. Johnny Pope followed, speaking about living out our faith—not simply playing the notes, but making music.

Bryce Copeland (So.) said, “It’s amazing how Dr. Pope speaks personally to me in a room filled with 5,000 people, and how he connects something so complex to something so simple.”

On Thursday, Dr. Shane Lewis preached against pride, while Dr. Marc Monte brought two powerful messages on dependence on God and contentment through trials. Grad student Tyler Harrison said, “Dr. Monte gave such a practical and systematic message to combat irrational situations—how to refocus on what’s important, instead of letting your emotions take over.”

On Friday, following the morning services, a special afternoon program titled “Faith: Believe and See” showed that a successful journey of faith is only through God’s faithfulness. The program included the powerful speech, “Empty Nets,” by Amanda Gardner and Jacob Van Hall and an astounding performance of “How Great Thou Art” by a choral ensemble. These pieces, along with the rest of the program, further reminded the students of God’s unfailing grace and faithfulness.

By the end of Bible Conference after services Friday evening, students felt refreshed and uplifted, ready to take on the second half of the semester.

Published 3/24/2017