Expo-nential Service

It’s not unusual for Christian Service leader Wes Pitcher’s phone to ping early on a Saturday morning: “Hey, we have more students than expected on Christian Service and need an extra driver.” Wes (Sr., NY) will either call one of the Drivers for the Gospel or take the group to their destination, whether a Bible club, nursing home, or the Juvenile Justice Center. “It’s exciting when there is a surplus of participants in a Christian service, but it’s a shame when the leader must turn people away simply because there isn’t enough transportation,” he said. “As drivers, we are able to connect the willing servants and godly witnesses of this college with the lost community around us.”

When most think of participating in Christian Service, they think of knocking on doors, singing at a nursing home, or teaching a Bible lesson to children. But at PCC, there are those—and even more opportunities for students to serve. The Christian Service Expo, held each semester, allows students to find a place to serve.

This year, a new Christian Service, Artists for Christ, led by studio art majors Dave Ham (Sr., Australia) and Natti Guest (Sr., TX), recruited students to use their artistic abilities for the gospel. Dave said, “What makes this Christian service unique is that it’s a support group that creates artwork such as posters, flyers, banners, handouts, door-hangers, and invitations for the other Christian Services.”

Many Christian Service groups, like Artists for Christ, came about by individual students who desired to use their talents for the cause of Christ. Natti said, “God definitely worked through numerous students who weren’t even acquainted to bring about this unique opportunity to minister with our talents. It will be really neat to see where the Lord takes this!”

As a freshman, Justus Miller (Sr., IL) attended the Christian Service Expo. “I saw many great Christian services,” he said. “When I saw The Lifeboat Puppets booth, I was intrigued, so I walked over to find out more. The leader at that time, Eric Tesdall, struck me as a man that had a heart for God and people. As a result, I joined and have enjoyed every single second of it.”

Now a senior, and leader of The Lifeboat Puppets, Justus enjoys putting on puppet shows for a number of Bible clubs each semester. His hope is that this ministry continues “to help the Bible club as well as present a biblical lesson through the fun medium of a puppet show.”

Published 9/19/2017