Autumn Notes

The first weekend after midterms brought cooler weather, as the harmonious sounds of woodwinds, brass, and percussion drew the PCC family together to Eagle Field for the annual Concert on the Green.


“I love the weather right now. It’s a perfect time to see my friends I haven’t seen for a long time. Plus, I’ve missed the live music,” alumnus Gordon Badgett (’14) said.

From the historical tribute to the Oregon River “Rouge River Saga” to the fantastical theme from “Hook” by John Williams, the PCC Symphonic Band, conducted by Mr. Nick Kozar, created an upbeat, exciting mood that captivated the audience.

The band also didn’t forget to rekindle the patriotic spirit with a salute to the Armed Services and a sing-along of “God Bless the U.S.A.” featuring the singing group One Accord. Ileoma

Having enjoyed the tradition the past two years, Senior Molly Ileoma said, “The music brought a lot of energy that is personally relaxing after a long week of midterms.”

“It’s a nice wind-down to a very busy, hectic week,” staff member Charlene Milner said, “just to be able to sit and be with friends, and not worry about anything.”

Published 10/30/2017