Checking in to a New Semester

As late summer breezes blew slowly across Northwest Florida, PCC students surged onto campus, infusing their excitement for a new year. Kicking in their college habits, returning students dived right into listing and preparing everything before the semester commenced.

Unpacked and settled in? Check.

Registered and schedule set? Check.

Notebooks, textbooks, and school supplies? Check, check, check.

Reunited with friends? Check!

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Exchanging laughter and hugs, students from all over the world swarmed every part of campus. Kaylie Bryant (Jr., FL) said, “I love seeing new students, and I love seeing everybody come back. I love seeing campus get lively again.”

Hundreds of freshmen started a new chapter in their lives. They became acquainted with campus and their residence halls as the sophomores assisted them with class schedules, new college calendars, and fall traditions.

“I’m looking forward to the calendar changes for this semester (having a longer Thanksgiving and Easter break this year), planning my class party as the class secretary, and the annual Christmas Lights Celebration,” Ariana Balka (So., TN) said.

Summer break gave many juniors and seniors practical experience in their fields through internships and employment opportunities on campus or in their home states. They are now ready for more advanced classes to further sharpen their expertise for future ministries and careers.

On Sunday and Monday, the entire campus family joined together in Opening Meetings to dedicate the year to the Lord. Guest speaker Dr. Jeff Redlin (’87) from Front Range Baptist Church in Colorado shared with students the “wonders God can do if we would just take the next step.”

Tuesday, August 29, students started their first day of classes and the beginning of a new year.

Published 9/1/2017