The True Meaning of Greek Rush

After the first full week of classes, Greek Rush promised an evening of fun and food, but also much more.

In an effort to persuade freshmen to join, PCC’s 48 collegians presented themselves in imaginative ways, providing unique photo booths or holding mini basketball tournaments, and giving “free eats” like simple snow-cones and perfectly cooked eggrolls. At the collegian booths, the Spartans’ free haircuts and the Cobras’ dunk tank especially stood out to new students.

After two hours of visiting booths and participating in the fun, students eagerly gathered along Main Drive for the Collegian Parade to begin. From a huge king cobra to a carefully crafted retro fighter plane, creative floats showcased each collegian’s originality for the parade. This year’s winners for Best Booths went to Delta Psi Delta Raiders and Zeta Alpha Rho Leopards while Best Parade Entries went to Chi Sigma Delta Cobras and Kappa Omega Rho Warhawks.

Yet beyond the exciting games, satisfied appetites, and over-the-top floats, Greek Rush holds deeper meanings in the hearts of the students.

(Meaning 1: Unity) Greek Rush means unity. For weeks, collegian members diligently planned and built unique floats and inventive booth concepts for Greek Rush. To Daniel Fitzgerald (VA), president of Beta Psi Delta Jaguars, this unifying spirit was “shown around the booth, in the float, and all of the craziness and excitement that comes from being together in a collegian.”

(Meaning 2: Creativity) In this spirit of unity, creativity flourishes. Bible faculty Dr. Dan Troutman, who has participated in Greek Rush through the years, said, “I think Rush highlights what’s best about our collegians and forces their personalities to the surface.”

(Meaning 3: Inclusion) Ultimately, Greek Rush joins all into a familial bond, creating a spirit of personal inclusion among the student body. “It’s about developing a bond with your collegian brothers or sisters as well as finding freshmen who share that bond with you,” Kyle Brainard (FL), president of Delta Pi Delta Kings said.

Greek Rush knit the personalities and creativity of each member into a unified spirit as they all strove to recruit and welcome each freshman into the collegian families. Freshman Rachel Burdios (NY) said, “This event really makes me feel like I belong.”

Published 9/15/2017