Until Next Year

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Summer campers and leaders alike were in high spirits at the concluding service of this year’s Youth Outreach Ministry Teen Extreme camp season. Together, they belted out the western-themed camp song one last time before settling back in their seats to hear a message brought by Dr. Jeff Redlin, one of the speakers this summer.

After five weeks of camp, the PCC students who served as leaders were tired but satisfied. As they debriefed on the last day, they shared memories and discussed some of the challenges they had faced. But most of all, they thanked God for the answered prayer of His protection and provision. Pearl Stratton (Jr., Guam) said, “Working Teen Extreme was the best decision I’ve ever made. From the start to finish of camp, I learned a lot from my other staff workers, campers that made a difference in my life, and all the preachers that came during the five weeks of camp.”

Each summer, campers come from around the country to hear challenging sermons, learn new skills, explore career options, all while making new friends at the YOM camps held on the PCC campus. The camps provided a safe place for teens to enjoy a carefree summer in a Christian environment whether it was showcasing musical talents at the Gala Concert, improving their basketball skills, or studying a brain simulation.

Here’s what a few campers had to say about this year:

“This week truly changed my life, and I hope to be coming here for many more years. From services to competitions, I enjoyed every second of it.”

“What a Great Week!! The preaching was amazing!!!!”

“The best part of camp was me getting saved. Now that I’m saved I know that God has washed away all the bad that I’ve done, and I have a home in heaven.”

“I love this camp so much!! I can't wait till next year.”

According to leader Ashton DeLangoLunday, a sophomore at PCC, “The hardest thing is having to leave. I never want to. It’s so amazing to see God work in the lives of so many teenagers, and it is amazing to see God work in the lives of the leaders as well!”

Published 8/24/2017