Liberty Voices Fine Arts Series

Liberty Voices

In 2012, a freshman named Hakalia Haposan (’16) stepped foot in America, fresh off a plane, and started his first year of college. It was also the year he first fully experienced the spirit of American patriotism.

That first semester, he sat spellbound in the audience hearing “Fifty Nifty United States” for the first time. He saw and felt the passionate patriotism welded in the harmonious tones of the world-renowned a cappella group Liberty Voices.

Put together by Mr. Derric Johnson from the Walt Disney Company, this Florida-based a cappella group has performed for five United States presidents, traveled around the country, and made TV appearances both nationally and internationally.

Now a master’s student in 2017, Haka anticipates the return of the group as they will perform once again October 7 at 8 p.m. in the Crowne Centre. “In my five years of my undergrad and grad study in PCC, Liberty Voices was probably my most favorite Fine Arts ever. Now, in my sixth and last year, the group’s coming back to campus, and I almost feel like I’ve come full circle in my collegiate career. It’s reminiscent and kind of sentimental for me. Can’t wait to see them again!”

Published 9/28/2017