So Long, Farewell, Begin

Semester End

Wednesday, May 10, concluded the spring semester with 875 degrees awarded at Commencement. Diplomas in hand, graduates hurried to greet friends and family celebrating their achievement.

Allie Smith

For graduating senior Allie Smith (NC), this will be a summer of new beginnings. “I’m looking forward to new experiences this summer—being a college grad, a full-time ministry worker, and a new wife!” This soon-to-be June bride happily hugged her parents at Commencement after receiving her diploma and flipping her tassel. “My parents have been with me every step of the way the last four years, praying for me, encouraging me, crying with me, and celebrating with me. I couldn’t have done any of this without them.”


Seniors and underclassmen alike were excited to finish the spring semester. Many students have made plans to work on campus over the summer, join a YOM Summer Missions Team, or travel across the United States with one of PCC’s Proclaim Ministry Teams.

Sarah Moore

While some minister away from home, others look forward to ministering and working in their neighborhoods. “During the past summers, God has helped me become more confident,” said Sarah Moore (Sr., VA), whose usual summer plans include being a swim instructor and lifeguard. “God’s shown me that I can teach and that I can be a lifeguard. He’s shown me that I can do what He has called me to do.”

No matter their plans, the student body shared one common goal—this would be a summer they couldn’t wait to begin.

Published 5/26/2017