What Seniors Say

“So surreal,” said AnaBelle Eidson (Prof. Writing), describing her feelings that her four years of college are coming to an end.

Near the end of March, the seniors gathered at the Sports Center for their last class party. With shrimp kabobs and various ice creams, they enjoyed the camaraderie, reminiscing on the past journey and discussing their future plans.

In retrospect, they had experienced significant personal changes during their time in college. Joe Wolff (Nursing) said, “College taught me how to be real to God, to myself, and to others.” Matthew Jacob (Biology) said, “My outlook has completely changed—on life, school, friendships, relationships, and faith.”

The class of 2017 also recognized practical and useful habits they developed during college. Shaina Faieta (Management) said, “I’ve developed a better work ethic, better time-management, and more-improved people skills.”

Along with family, friends—and coffee, “God is certainly the main anchor that keeps me secured through struggles,” Josh Besite (Nursing) said. Faculty also played a huge role in their transformation, not only as professionals, but as Christians. Many of them inspired the seniors to excel in their fields. Olivia de la Rosa (Elementary Ed.) recalled her education classes: “Mrs. Achuff is the perfect balance between professionalism and genuineness.”

Katelyn LeFort (Medical Office Admin.) said that being a senior “not only means accomplishment, it also means more responsibility; you’re an example—other people look up to you.”

This year’s senior class developed a unique relationship with the freshman class. Leah Farley (Mathematics), the senior class secretary, said, “So many seniors care enough to reach out to the freshmen and help them networking with other people. I’ve loved being able to meet freshmen just beginning their journey, and sharing with them tips I’ve learned.”

During the class party, some seniors participated in the bubble soccer tournament while others enjoyed riding Segways. Meg Fiel (Studio Art) said, “Because it was the last class party, I had a different perspective about it. I wanted to make the most out of it, and I did!”

As the end of their four-year journey is just weeks ahead, most of them see their final days as bittersweet. “Bitter because I love the atmosphere, the college experience, and learning; sweet because I’m ready to go and start my life,” said Corey Williams (Biology).

Published 4/7/2017