Eagles’ Second Tailgate

The mixed scent of roasted marshmallows and kabobs hovered above cheerful talks along First Street near the Four Winds dining hall. As the sun went down, the students knew they were in for a treat at the second Eagle Pride Tailgate.

Accessible entirely through EagleRewards, this year’s Tailgate included an exceptional variety of food. As sophomore Grant Ryan said in his Instagram post, “Tailgate [had] kabobs, s’mores, wings, and other stuff to make us gain the sophomore 20.”

After 11 home victories this semester—against Florida College; Selma University; Johnson Universities, TN; and Bob Jones University—the Eagles hosted the Tailgate in appreciation of the fans’ loyalty in supporting the team.

Since last year alone, the average game attendance had significantly increased by over 70% according to Rachel Moses, who coordinated the event. “It’s really neat to watch the students come together to support our teams and show school spirit,” she said.

“The program really motivates people to go, even to all the games. It produces such awesome energy!” Eddie Bekaroglu (So.) said.

The event not only showed appreciation for the fans, it also represented the students’ unified pride for the Eagles. Rachel said, “Our goal was that this program would help unify our student body together for a common goal, and I believe it’s done just that.”

Published 2/23/2017