Walking Worthy at the Midnight Missions Run

One dollar. That’s how much it costs to translate one word of Scripture into the Tibetan language.

With that daunting reality, PCC students determined that, together, they could do something to help.

Since last fall, the student body have challenged themselves through the theme Walk Worthy, based on Ephesians 4:1–6. Student body president Jake Ludka said, “These verses talk about how we, as believers, are to walk in a manner that is worthy in God’s eyes. We focused on verse one, ‘Walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called,’ and emphasized that we are all called to be faithful in our service to our Lord no matter our major, age, or background.”

What better way to unify a student body than a Mission Project and taking part in furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Jake Ludka (Jr., CT)

This year’s Mission Project focused on an unreached people group, which has yet to have the entire Bible translated from their spoken language into the written word. The student body partnered with WorldView Ministries, an organization dedicated to “the accurate translation of Scripture.”

Student body secretary Lydia George said, “For the cost of a meal at Palms Grille and a couple coffees, a student can support the translation of an entire verse for the Tibetan people.

Our theme verse gives an undeniable call to all—not just those called to ministry.

Lydia George (Sr., MD)

Many students did just that, choosing to Walk Worthy by skipping daily coffee and donating a dollar for every word of their favorite Bible verse. Others rounded up on campus purchases donating to the project. Leading up to the annual Midnight Missions Run, multiple bulletin boards in the Commons held hundreds of students’ favorite Bible verses, each handwritten and personalized, representing the verses that could now be translated into the Tibetan language.

It means bringing the Word of God to other countries that don’t have the opportunity like us.

Carl Momber (Fr., Philippines)

On Friday night, with adrenaline coursing through their veins, students along with staff, faculty, and their families, charged across the starting line, commencing the Missions Run.

This year’s top three runners were Hunter Stewart (Fr.), Jeremy Carlson (Sr.), and JT Tutton (PCA student) for the men; and Jenna DeLoach (So.), Brianna Sheppard (PCA student), and Chalyn Berry (So.) for the women.

I love to run so it’s a great way to express myself and give to missions.

Hunter Stewart (Fr., FL)

51,193 dollars.

That’s how much the student body raised for the 2018 Mission Project, making it possible for nearly 80 chapters (or over 2,000 verses) of Scripture to be translated into Tibetan. Ludka stated, “As part of the Great Commission and also walking worthy, we are to do what we can to share the gospel to those who have never heard—and that’s just what we’re doing!”

It’s really important to spread the gospel—get it translated for those who don’t have it in their language.

Jenna Deloach (So., GA)

Published 5/14/2018

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