In the Books

With the last answers marked on final exams, another school year is in the books.

Freshman Palik Benjamin (TN) began his first chapter of college this year. He said, “This semester has been extravagant! I had some great highlights in my intellectual and, more importantly, spiritual growth.”

Like any story, there were obstacles and hardships in each student’s journeys. “I had a lot of stretching and growing. But I learned that faith is active; we have to make the decision every day to trust God and believe His promises,” said junior Sherlyn Olbes (VA). “And this year, I finally found a solid group of quality friends I am able to call family.”

“There were challenges and setbacks,” said Sarah Burdios (So., NY). “But I’ve never seen God more evident in my life than in this semester. Through all the hardships, He’s been faithful and so good to me. That would be the highlight of this semester, seeing God’s hand over me and intervening through all circumstances. My plans for the summer are to work and serve at a youth camp for my church. I’m super excited to see what God has planned for me.”

To the graduating students, this semester marked the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. “For the future,” to senior Seth Whyte (NH), “I am striving to open my own business and pursue my entrepreneurial vision.”

Haka Haposan (Grad, Indonesia) said, “Anxiety, eagerness, fear, happiness, and sadness—I’ve felt almost every emotion possible this semester. Six years of undergrad and grad programs have changed, molded, and nurtured me. Six years filled with many friends, challenges, successes, and even failures have created in me a perspective: That even when I don’t realize it, throughout all things in each day, God never fails to uphold me.”

Published 5/16/2018

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