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PCC graduates and students use their training in remarkable ways. Read about how God is using them in their field of study.


Dylan Crane

Dylan Crane (’16 grad)

“I love the challenge of being the youngest professional basketball coach in the game,” said twenty-three year old Dylan Crane (’16) who was recently named head coach of the Premier Basketball League’s Washington D.C. Warhawks. “My goal is to be the best coach I can possibly be.”

Crane’s love of basketball started when he was four years old, shooting hoops with his dad. In high school, he continued to play, earning 4 MVPs and other accolades.

In college, he would go on to serve as captain of the Eagles basketball team and be part of the NCCAA All-Southeast Region team. As the years progressed, Crane realized that basketball was a part of who he was, and he wanted that to play a major role in his future. “There is something about the game that just keeps me going—the hype on game days, the sounds of the floor, the hard work to get better, and the life lessons the game teaches.”

After graduating in 2016, Crane became the athletic director and basketball coach for Fresta Valley Christian School in Virginia. He also founded 24/7 Basketball Training to privately train athletes, old and young, to improve their skills. “I love building an identity and program. I see all the pieces,” said Crane.

As a graduate of the business management major at PCC, Crane learned certain skills that have helped him in his endeavors. “PCC’s program taught me several things about starting 24/7 Basketball Training,” he said. “Not only did the program teach me how to start a business, but it taught me how to build relationships, how to market my company, and how to build a thriving business model for the entire life of the business.”

As someone fully aware of being part of a team, the principle of building relationships especially resonated with Crane. “The number one character trait anyone in business should have is the ability to build relationships and communicate effectively,” he said. “Whether I’m coaching, training, running a camp, or teaching, relationships and communication play a major role.”

His desire to communicate and share his love of basketball with others made him an ideal pick for the Warhawks. One of eight teams in the Premier Basketball League, the “Triple-A” of men’s professional basketball, the Warhawks provide family-friendly entertainment that’s engaging and community-focused.

As Crane begins his newest venture as head coach, he plans to continue to work at Fresta Valley Christian School and maintain 24/7 Basketball Training. He knows working all three positions will be hard, but at the moment, he looks forward to starting each day at 5:30 a.m. training basketball clients and finishing his day at 11 p.m. after coaching the Warhawks. Most people woudn’t opt for such a busy schedule, but Crane wants to help as many people as possible, and he sees the potential of a much bigger picture. “I realize I will have to give up something sooner or later,” he said, but for this first year he has one goal in mind. “I want to win a championship my first year, and eventually head to the NBA in a couple years.”

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