Students 23 and Older

Student enjoying a coffee in the Common Grounds
  • You may choose to live on a 23-and-older floor.
  • Single students age 25 and older may live off campus. The Admissions Office maintains a list of some available housing for convenience.
  • If you live on a 23-and-older floor, you may study in your own room or study in the lobby/dayroom of your residence hall after lights out.
  • You may date off campus without a chaperone. However, do not go in mixed groups to the beach, to the home or hotel of an unmarried person of the opposite gender, or to parks after dark. Male students may not be off campus with female students unless the female is 23 or older.
  • You do not need to scan off campus to locations such as local malls, restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. However, a pass is necessary under certain conditions, such as when staying off campus overnight, in a mixed group, or missing a required activity.
  • Collegian meetings are optional. Students may stay in their room, leave campus or go to The Palms Grille, library, or computer labs.
  • You may attend either the Sunday school of your academic class or the 23-and-older class.
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