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The Graf Clinic, operated by Baptist Health Care of Pensacola, is a walk-in clinic designed to meet your health needs on your schedule. Generally on weekdays until 4 p.m., a doctor or nurse practitioner is available to diagnose and treat most injuries or illnesses; on weekends nurses are available for limited hours to evaluate and recommend further treatment (see Eagle’s Nest for hours). Clinic visits are not an automatic excuse for missing a required activity. Unless you are experiencing significant illness or injury, plan your visit around required activities.


Residence hall students visits to the Graf Clinic are covered by the Health Services fee. Town students are charged $15 per visit.

The Clinic may ask you to return later in the day or the next day to see a medical professional; if you agree to return but fail to show up you may be charged $10 for missing your appointment.

The cost of lab draws, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other medically related expenses will be discussed at your visit and applied to your college account. See the current catalog for information on semester fees.

Off-Campus Appointments

The Clinic can assist you in scheduling off-campus appointments and recommend area specialists who can meet your needs. You are responsible for the cost of these appointments either through your healthcare insurance or out of pocket; the cost of off-campus appointments cannot be applied to your college account. PCC does not accept financial responsibility or provide insurance for students needing emergency medical care, hospitalization, or off-campus medical attention. Students are responsible either to provide their own health insurance coverage, coverage through their parents, or pay the cost themselves.

Transportation is your responsibility. The clinic can assist with transportation on weekdays with 24-hours’ notice at no additional expense to you.

You should follow normal procedures for leaving campus, and remember not to schedule an appointment during scheduled activities. If your doctor recommends that you rest, you will want to “scan to room sick” to rest at your residence hall lobby desk.

Non-Emergency and Elective Surgery

Consult with Student Life before scheduling surgery.

Checking into Room when sick

If you are sick but do not need medical care, scan in at your residence hall lobby desk and stay in your room for the rest of the day. You may still go to meals and off campus to a medical facility or pharmacy; however, you should not attend or participate in classes, chapel, athletics, or social events. You must be scanned in sick before an event (chapel or church) starts, or you will not be covered for missing the event. If you are missing work, it is your responsibility to notify your work supervisor prior to your scheduled work time. When you return to class, follow up with your teachers for missed assignments. Student Life personnel will come by throughout the day to make sure you are okay and get you help if needed.

If you are sick on a third consecutive day, you need to visit the Graf Clinic or an off-campus facility for medical assistance.

If you miss any church service, attend video church the following Saturday. The dress and times for video church are located on Eagle’s Nest. Failure to attend will result in demerits.

Campus Security

The security of our campus is of utmost importance. Should you ever be concerned about your safety please contact Campus Security.

  • For emergencies, call ext. 555 (recorded 24 hours a day).
  • Red emergency phones are located in the Field House, on East Campus, and in the parking garage.
  • For non-emergencies, call HELP (ext. 4357).
  • From off campus, call (850) 479-6595.

Vehicles on Campus

All motorized vehicles driven by a student must be registered at Check-In or with Security and must display a current student sticker. Trailers and recreational vehicles may be kept on campus if space is available. State vehicle registration and proof of insurance must be current. Failure to abide by campus vehicle regulations may result in demerits, fines, and/or a loss of vehicle privileges.

  • The speed limit on campus is 15 mph.
  • Residence hall students with vehicles are assigned a parking space. As space is available, brothers and sisters who share a vehicle will be assigned a space accessible to both.
  • Students may share vehicles provided they are siblings.
  • As a matter of safety, students may use hands-free phone headsets when driving.


Bicycles must be registered. Parking on campus should only be in designated bike racks, and bicycles should be secured with a lock.

Pedestrian Safety

Visual and Performing Arts building

Due to the large number of students on campus, it is important to follow safety guidelines.

  • Please use sidewalks and crosswalks on campus and do not walk in the street. Pedestrians are to yield to all vehicles on campus.
  • Skateboards, hoverboards, longboards, recreational scooters, and inline skates are not permitted for use on campus.
  • Pedestrian access to the upper levels of the parking garage is by stairways only.
  • We recommend using the skywalks to cross Rawson Lane to get to East Campus, Mullenix Chapel, and Rawson/Dixie Field.
  • If there is a train on the tracks when you are walking to PCA, Print Shop, or St. John Building, stand behind the fence line until the train has passed. Do not hop over train cars or go between them even if the train is stopped. Do not stand close to the tracks or ever walk down the tracks to try to pass behind or in front of a train.
  • Students may not climb fences on campus.


Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency, PCC uses an external alert system to deliver prompt messages to students. At the start of each school year, students are asked to update personal contact numbers, including cell phone numbers. This system keeps students informed as necessary should an emergency occur.

Fire Evacuation

  • When the fire alarm sounds, exit the building immediately using the nearest stairway. Do not use elevators.
  • The fire evacuation route is posted near the door of each classroom and in each room that does not have a direct exit.
  • If you discover smoke or fire in any facility, remain calm, pull the closest alarm, and evacuate the building.
  • Never attempt to fight a fire yourself.


In the event of severe weather or another emergency resulting in a lockdown, you will be instructed regarding appropriate procedures to follow. Be attentive and prompt in responding to these directions.

Security and Safety Equipment

Alarmed doors are clearly labeled and are not to be used except in an emergency. Tampering with any safety or security equipment is considered a serious offense.

Concern for Other Students

A student’s safety may be protected in various ways by the help of his friends. As a part of a caring, Christian student body, you should be alert to the safety and well-being of other students both on and off campus. Should you have a concern about another student’s health, wellbeing, or whereabouts, notify your Residence Assistant, Assistant Residence Manager, Residence Manager, or other Student Life personnel. PCC cares greatly about both residence hall and town students and can help in different ways when made aware of a concern.

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