PTS/Grad Addendum


Graduate students in class

Attendance Policy

Supervisors may not require or request you to work instead of attending class.

Though graduate students who fail to attend class or are late to class are subject to academic penalties, demerits are not assessed for graduate students.

If you are absent from class because of funeral leave or because of surgery/extended illness, etc., submit a “Class Absence Review Form” to the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office, AC-3. If the absence is excused, it will not count against your grade.

Class Cuts

To request class cuts, Graduate Assistants complete a GA Class Cuts / Time-Off Request form (available in Employee Services, AE-9) and receive approval from their work supervisor as well as from the Graduate Assistant Coordinator, AC-3. Graduate students e-mail a request for class cuts to the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office at pts-grad*pcci|edu and will be sent an e-mail regarding approval. Students with approved class cuts will be allowed to make up work, but the absences will count toward a possible academic penalty. Class cuts are not available for staying in residence hall rooms or during preterm, Interterm, post-term, or summer-term courses.


Tutors and Writing Support Services are made available only for undergraduate students.

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