PTS/Grad Addendum

Student Responsibilities

As graduate students of Pensacola Christian College, you are expected to read and abide by the College Code of Conduct.

Social Life


Graduate students may date each other on or off campus without approved chaperones. Graduate students may date undergraduates if the undergraduate students are at least 20 years old or juniors. Graduate Assistants may not date students they teach or supervise. Graduate men may date undergraduate women on campus or off campus as long as an approved chaperone is present. Graduate women may date undergraduate men off campus without a chaperone. Graduate students may also date faculty/staff members on or off campus without chaperones, provided the faculty/staff member is not the student’s teacher.

Conduct between men and women should always be of such a nature that their testimony is above question—especially since we have high standards for undergraduate students. We ask that dating couples refrain from physical contact.

The classroom buildings are not considered appropriate places for dating.


In keeping with a Christian testimony in this area, we ask our single graduate students not to go swimming in mixed groups—situations that include single men and single women. This is especially important since we have undergraduate college students watching our testimony. Single women are to go to Park West (by Ft. Pickens); single men are to go to Park East (past Portofino condos). We do not advocate beach parties for our students. Though this may not be your personal conviction, we would expect you to abide by this for the sake of our Christian testimony.


Graduate students may date in their place of residence (excluding residence halls, Campus House, and Waveland apartments) under the following conditions:

  • There must always be a third person present. (This cannot be an undergraduate student.)
  • Couples should never be alone in the home.
  • Home dates should end by 11 p.m. to show consideration for your housemates as well as keep a good testimony in the community.
  • It is never appropriate for a dating couple to leave the living room and go into a bedroom to visit, just as it is not appropriate for them to go to a motel room together.

Campus Events

Though you will enjoy attending many campus events, your attendance is not required unless specified in your program of study.

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