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for Electrical Engineering

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Career Opportunities

  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Aircraft/Automotive
  • Research

Bachelor of Science Degree, Engineering Major

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Enhance lives by harnessing nature’s power

From mobile devices to microwaves, and engines to antennas, electrical engineers plan, design, and control components found in myriad products and inventions, as well as entire power systems. PCC’s electrical engineering program lays the scientific and mathematical foundation needed to understand God’s natural laws and harness them to benefit mankind.

College-level engineering study requires a good understanding of physical sciences, highly developed aptitude in mathematics, and competence to read rapidly with comprehension. PCC’s program helps students strengthen skills in these disciplines while emphasizing fundamental scientific and mathematical laws. Through practical application in engineering labs, students learn to harness, control, and direct nature’s electrical forces to achieve and measure goals.

In the senior year, students apply their learning and training in a capstone project, in which they design, plan, build, and test subsystems using current design methods and electronic design automation tools.

Students completing PCC’s electrical engineering program can pursue a career in various fields and industries, or choose to further their knowledge in graduate studies.

Graduate Perspective

“PCC’s program gave me a solid academic base of the fundamentals needed to be an electrical engineer.  One year after graduating, I took the EIT exam and passed the first time without studying. This made me more aware of how well PCC had prepared me, and the quality of the education.”
John Jay (’08 grad)
Electrical Power System Supervisor, Severstal
(fourth largest steelmaker in the U.S.)

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