Legal Office Systems


Business Major—Legal Office Systems Concentration, Associate of Science Degree

See also Legal Office Administration and Office Systems

Become a Valuable Asset to a Legal Office

The legal field needs trustworthy employees with a special combination of office skills, legal expertise, and strong ethics. Office personnel must be able to multitask and keep up a fast pace while handling legal information with the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality. PCC’s legal office systems concentration helps students develop the qualities necessary to stand out as ideal legal office employees.

In this two-year degree, students gain a strong knowledge base by focusing on core office procedures and legal terminology. With fewer liberal arts classes, students devote their focus to studies in transcription, legal keyboarding, business law, records management, legal terminology, criminal law, computer applications, and accounting to be equipped for the field. With this knowledge and experience, graduates are valuable employees able to fill vital roles in legal offices.

After gaining this strong foundation in legal office procedure, graduates can further their knowledge by transferring to the four-year program once they meet two-year degree requirements.

The purpose of the legal office systems concentration is to prepare students to be skilled legal office assistants who are efficient, attentive to detail, and able to apply biblical principles to various workplace situations.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the legal office systems concentration will be able to

  • make ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview,
  • communicate effectively in written presentations,
  • use current technology and computer applications effectively in their chosen profession,
  • relate knowledge to practical experiences, and
  • support management in a legal office setting.
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High School Preparation

Recommended high school preparation for a legal office systems concentration is a keyboarding course in which students learn proper technique and develop speed and accuracy. Students will take a placement exam to determine a course best suited for their skills. Opportunities are available to make up keyboarding deficiencies. In this case, time required to complete a legal office systems concentration could be expected to increase.

Career Possibilities

  • Legal office assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Legal transcriptionist

Legal Office Alumni Spotlights

My education at PCC laid the foundation for working in the legal field. The courses in Microsoft Office, legal terminology and keyboarding, business writing, and others gave me the confidence necessary to be an effective assistant. My skills have dramatically improved in computer software and other areas and have led to increased responsibilities and job opportunities.

Darcy F. ’02
Legal secretary/assistant, Nolan, Plumhoff & Williams Chtd. (Towson, MD)