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Bachelor of Science Degree, Engineering Major

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Improve products and processes with engineering principles

One of the broadest of engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering comprises designing, developing, and manufacturing engines, machines, and countless other mechanical devices and products. PCC’s mechanical engineering concentration provides students with the scientific and mathematical foundation needed to understand God’s natural laws and apply them to profoundly improving life.

College-level engineering study requires a good understanding of physical sciences, a highly developed ability in mathematics, and competence to read rapidly with comprehension. PCC’s program helps students strengthen skills in these disciplines while focusing on fundamental science and mathematical laws. Through practical application in engineering labs, students learn how to harness, control, and direct nature’s forces to achieve human goals.

In the senior year, students apply their learning and training in a capstone design project using modern design methods and electronic automation tools.

Students completing PCC’s mechanical engineering concentration can choose a career in various fields and industries, or choose to further their knowledge in graduate studies.

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The baccalaureate degree in engineering at Pensacola Christian College is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

Residence Requirements

All students in this program are required to be full-time students taking a minimum of 12 semester hours. First consideration for acceptance into the program will be given to residence hall students. PCC does not provide residence hall living space for married students or their families.

High School Preparation

Modern engineering education demands much specific high school preparation. Ideally, the beginning engineering student should have a good understanding of basic physical sciences, a highly developed ability in mathematics, and competence to read rapidly with comprehension. Minimum adequate preparation includes 2 units of algebra and 1 unit each of plane geometry, advanced mathematics (trigonometry and analytical geometry or precalculus), chemistry, and physics. While prior computer knowledge is helpful, it is not required.

Students not prepared to enter directly into the engineering curriculum will be able to make up certain deficiencies. In this case, time required to complete an engineering degree could be expected to increase.

Recommended Course Sequence

Graduate Perspective

PCC’s engineering program taught me the importance of personal and professional growth and integrity, as well as gave me the math, science, computer, and engineering skills to be an effective and creative engineering problem solver. The strong focus on core math and science skills and the exposure to a broad range of engineering subjects are the key aspects of the training I received at PCC.

Jeff D. ’91
Owner/Engineer, Davis Design and Consulting

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