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Study language and literature to launch your future

Man’s use of God’s gift of language has the power to change the world. An individual who can communicate articulately and accurately—and who has developed strong analysis and critical thinking skills by studying the works of literature that have influenced our world’s history—can confidently enter a wide variety of career and graduate school fields with the ability to masterfully evaluate information and communicate ideas.

The English major provides advanced grammar and writing courses in multiple genres, cultivating a passion for excellence and training students to use language effectively. Graduates are fully prepared to apply their skills to future pursuits in law, writing, business, education, and many other fields.

A broad spectrum of literature courses allows students to study the literary canon’s most significant authors and genres in depth, developing proficiency in critical thinking, communication, and analysis as well as a lasting love and appreciation for truth, meaning, and beauty in literature.

Students refine skills in critical reading, research, analysis, and writing by completing the senior literature research project, a study of an author’s literary contributions. As they present their projects before faculty and classmates, students also use communication abilities developed throughout the program.

By studying some of the most excellent literature in history and by mastering their own writing and communication skills, PCC’s English graduates are prepared to succeed in countless future opportunities.

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Graduate Perspective

When I came to PCC, I came with the hopes of getting what my father called ‘a liberal arts education’. I did not understand what that fully meant until I began working towards my degree in English. The wide variety of humanities classes which I have taken such as French, Latin, and Shakespeare, as well as the opportunities I have been given to be in Fine Arts productions, have given me a broad knowledge and understanding of where we as people are today, where we have come from, and where we are headed. I am so thankful for the education that PCC has given me and am excited to see how the Lord will use my education for His glory.

Grace B. ’14

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