Pre-Law Emphasis

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Humanities Major

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Fill the need for Christians in law

Founded on Judeo-Christian principles, America’s legal system has stood stalwart for centuries. But its increasing secularization has created a great need for courageous Christian scholars who will stand for righteousness in courtrooms across America. To meet this need, PCC provides an academically demanding pre-law program that prepares articulate and knowledgeable servant leaders for various legal professions.

To give students the background for meeting the challenges of law school, PCC’s pre-law program includes courses in history, American government, economics, tax accounting, criminal justice, debate, public speaking, and English grammar and composition. Law schools look for such a broad program of study when accepting students, along with a high cumulative grade point average and an exceptional score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

PCC graduates have been accepted into over 80 law schools, including 17 of the top 50 law schools (3 of the top 10) as ranked by US News & World Report.

Schools include

  • U. of Southern California Law School
  • Pepperdine U. School of Law
  • Georgetown U. Law Center
  • Florida State U.
  • U. of Chicago Law School
  • U. of Notre Dame Law School
  • Rutgers U. School of Law-Camden
  • Seton Hall U. School of Law
  • Regent U. School of Law

PCC pre-law graduates have achieved successful roles with prominent positions in government, law, and education.

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Graduate Perspective

PCC’s pre-law program provided excellent preparation for law school. I found that PCC’s emphasis on writing, public speaking, history, and law provided me with the tools needed for effective communication and critical thinking—two of the most important skills necessary to succeed in law school.

Joshua D. ’05
Partner at Pierce Atwood LLP law firm

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