Criminal Justice Major—Associate of Science

See also Criminal Justice—Bachelor of Science Degree

Prepare to Protect & Serve

PCC equips men and women with integrity and Christian character to face the remarkable—and rewarding—challenges of criminal justice.

Beginning with a biblical foundation, PCC’s two-year criminal justice program trains students to understand the legal, philosophical, and moral foundations of criminal justice systems, while providing hands-on experience in practices and procedures. Specialized courses prepare students for entry-level employment, providing them groundwork needed to advance once they enter the field.

Criminal justice faculty have diverse personal field experience, which they incorporate into classroom instruction for a complete education. Additionally, local criminal justice professionals demonstrate current operations and protocol in class and in forums held twice a year, giving students valuable perspectives from active professionals.

Academic requirements completed in this program also apply to the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice should a student want to further his studies after two years.

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Graduate Perspective

My education at PCC was one of the key foundations for my career in law enforcement. My classmates and I were taught to hold our standards high and answer to God first, knowing if we maintained His holy standards, we could maintain those of our police chiefs and commanders.

Peter G. ’97
Detective, Tucson Police Dept. (AZ)

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