Management Concentration

Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Major

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Learn to lead others and build a strong business

To build a successful business, exceptional managers must be capable of leading others to achieve their best. PCC’s management program equips students not only with versatile business skills but also with biblical leadership qualities such as integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Management students benefit from a broad and practical education comprising studies in accounting, statistics, finance, economics, entrepreneurship, communication, and computer applications. This broad academic background—with emphasis on critical thinking and practical application—allows graduates to readily adapt in a field known for its rapid change. Individual and group projects and presentations throughout the program build students’ abilities to communicate and collaborate.

Skilled faculty with a wealth of experience train students how to organize, analyze, and interpret data for making sound business decisions. They emphasize to students the importance of upholding biblical and ethical standards as the business world’s future managers and leaders.

Students graduating from the management program can enter the field confident to begin a career or to continue training in graduate school.

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Graduate Perspective

When I was looking for a place to study, I wanted to go to a college where academic excellence and Christian values could be easily found. PCC was the one that stood out among the other colleges and universities. From managing a group of more than 60 people in the Turkey Bowl for my Public Relations class to learning sequential decision trees in Quantitative Methods, PCC has given me the right tools to become not just a leader but a leader with a heart of a servant.

Santiago G. ’14

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