Elementary Education Major

Bachelor of Science Degree

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Equip Young Minds

A child’s education during the elementary years is a vital part of his development. Teachers must be creative, experienced, knowledgeable, and discerning in order to give elementary students the strong beginning they need.

PCC’s reputation for producing excellent, committed teachers with a heart for service places education graduates in high demand at Christian schools. Their training enables them to enter the classroom the first day confident and capable, prepared and professional.

Gaining a solid foundation of biblical philosophy during their freshman year, education students become skilled thinkers, able to analyze and evaluate educational trends in light of God’s Word. Rather than experimenting with unproven techniques, PCC’s education students master tried-and-true traditional methods to succeed in the classroom by knowing what genuinely works.

Observing and working with master teachers at Pensacola Christian Academy (PCA) throughout college provides education students with insight into how a well-run Christian school operates. They also develop confidence by teaching both their peers and PCA students.

Senior teaching interns solidify their classroom management and teaching skills by teaching at PCA under the supervision of a master teacher. The knowledgeable and caring faculty, thorough training, and extensive teaching experiences make PCC education graduates well-prepared, effective teachers for their first year and beyond.

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Graduate Perspective

PCC’s education thoroughly prepared me for my field. I was so blessed to have attended this college! I came into the field knowing how to run an efficient classroom and being solidly founded in the right philosophy for education. The best part of PCC’s education program was learning from master teachers who were truly experts in their field.

The internship was where I put all of the book knowledge into practice and learned what it takes to run a classroom. It helped truly prepare me to teach on my own in a Christian school classroom.

Joanna B. ’98
Head Elementary Teacher, Lighthouse Christian School (GA)

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