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Bachelor of Science Degree, Secondary Education Major

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Because language guides thought and communication, teachers who can train their students to write and speak correctly give them a leading edge in nearly all career fields. PCC students learn that language is a gift from God to be used precisely and creatively. With advanced grammar, in-depth literature, and various writing classes, PCC’s English education program prepares future teachers to effectively teach English grammar, literature, and writing to help their students develop communication skills to aid them for life.

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The English education degree prepared me by providing so many opportunities to practice teaching in my college classes and during my internship. By the time that I graduated with this degree, I had several hundred hours of teaching practice—not only in English, but also in my second teaching field (math)! By the time I graduated, I had techniques and methods from several teachers that I could use in my own teaching. Not only that, this degree helped me to love teaching even more!

Stacey B. ’15

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