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Bachelor of Science Degree, Secondary Education Major

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Since history is a record of man’s relationship with God, PCC’s program trains future history educators to teach from a true—rather than a revisionist—perspective. Future teachers gain practical insight by studying the social, economic, and governmental threads throughout history and comparing and contrasting them with civilization today. Students study key historical figures and events, gaining abundant knowledge of the past to enter the classroom prepared to teach.

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Graduate Perspective

When I was deciding which college to attend, I knew I wanted to go to a college that would prepare me for a lifetime in the classroom. After four years spent in PCC’s Education Department, I know the Lord led me to the right place. The professors were highly educated and experienced and helped me realize the importance of a traditional Christian education. The education classes were rigorous, invaluable, and practical. My 9-week internship at Pensacola Christian Academy solidified my calling to become a Christian school teacher. I am eager to use the experience I have gained here to educate the next generation and be that male role model and godly influence for my future students.

Jared F. ’14

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