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Bachelor of Science Degree, Secondary Education Major

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As God’s absolute and universal language of order, analysis, and logic, mathematics fuels almost every area of practical and professional life. Traditional mathematics combines application with theory, requiring students to exercise their ability to analyze and predict complex equations. In this essential academic study, PCC’s mathematics education program adequately prepares future math teachers to train their students to understand and apply mathematics for practical problem solving.

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The math courses that I took at PCC gave me the tools to teach math courses on the high school level. Having the opportunity to teach students at PCA during my internship allowed me to learn how to explain concepts on a level that students could understand while also building my heart for teaching. Looking back at my time at PCC, I can see how God used each class to prepare me to teach mathematics from a Christian perspective by giving me not only the math foundation to be able to teach the concepts; but also the spiritual foundation to see God’s handiwork in His creation as I study math.

Shonna S. ’12

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