Speech Concentration

Bachelor of Science Degree, Secondary Education Major

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Teaching the timeless art of interpretive speech prepares students for acting, education, and other fields in which creative communication is key. More than simply reciting memorized material, performance artists who are taught well can inspire and motivate audiences through spoken and unspoken communication. Future speech teachers learn directing techniques, various forms of verbal presentations, and performance analysis skills. To prepare students to teach this broad and adaptable subject, PCC’s speech education program equips students in interpretation, public speaking, and dramatic productions so that they can lead classrooms, performances, and more.

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Graduate Perspective

When I decided to study speech education, I had no idea what I would experience other than learning about acting and speaking publicly. In four years, I had the opportunity to do many practice teachings, act in several plays for the college, complete a teaching internship at a real school, and even prepare an entire recital! While it may sound like a lot, it felt so much easier with the help of amazing faculty who pushed me well beyond my comfort zone to help me become a better speaker, teacher, and servant for the Lord.

Gino F. ’17

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