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Humanities Department

The humanities department provides a foundation of a biblical, liberal arts education in English, history, political science, and modern languages. Programs offered by this department equip students to pursue a variety of occupations in fields such as government, journalism, law, business, and education.

Dr. Denise McCollim

Dean of Arts and Sciences

Mrs. Marie Thompson

Chair of Humanities Department

In PCC’s humanities department, you’ll develop marketable skills in writing, speaking, analysis, research, and countless other areas. You’ll rise to the top as a highly capable individual, an asset to any business or ministry.

But even more valuable: you will become an increasingly rare well-rounded, knowledgeable citizen who is articulate and insightful.

You’ll understand the “big picture” of history and literature. You’ll know how to wisely apply God’s Truth to past and present ideas—and you’ll know how to communicate that wisdom to your generation.

The Division of Arts and Sciences comprises the engineering and computer science, humanities, natural sciences, and nursing departments of Pensacola Christian College, each of which offers undergraduate degrees. The nursing department also offers a graduate degree.

All students study the fundamentals of English grammar and composition as the foundation of their written communication, both in college studies and for life.

Survey courses in classical British and American literature acquaint students with great literary masterpieces, show trends in literature from various philosophies, and lay a foundation for upper-level literature courses.

History presents how God has worked in people’s lives and how they have conducted themselves since the Creation. This fascinating story also shows how to judge events and movements. All students take History of Civilization as a broad survey of recorded history. Students study individual countries and major historical topics such as the Reformation, U.S. Constitution, nineteenth-century Europe, and church history.

The criminal justice major focuses on preventing crime, preserving peace, and protecting civil rights as essential elements of stability in a democratic society to ensure justice, equity, and freedom for all.

The humanities major prepares students with a broad range of foundational courses in the liberal arts. Students may then organize elective courses according to their own personal goals, interests, and needs.

Quick Facts


law schools have accepted PCC’s humanities graduates


Years combined law enforcement experience in CJ faculty


Average number of pieces in a professional writing major’s portfolio


Hours political science majors spend in their political science internship

Department News

Patrick Callahan: Perspective in Public Service

Pre-law graduate Patrick Callahan has enjoyed making a difference for the American people and in the lives of his clients.

Mark Wainwright: From Publishing Editor to Classroom Instructor

Faculty member Mark Wainwright challenges writing students to positively influence others through the power of writing.

Success Stories

Sara Lefevers
Congressional Aide—District 1

Sara Lefevers (criminal justice ’14) is making a difference every day as a U.S. Congressional Aide. See how her PCC teachers helped shape her Christian outlook on the political world and prepare her to serve others.

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