Choosing a college is a big decision, and not everyone is looking for the same things.

Are you looking for a Christ-centered campus—inside the classroom and out—excellent teachers who care, a price that’s affordable, and outstanding preparation for what’s next? Take a closer look at PCC.

When you decide to take that final step and apply, we’re here to help.

Application Checklist

You can apply any time during your junior year of high school or after.
We follow a “rolling admissions” policy, which means we accept qualified candidates as they apply until all available spaces are filled. (Even though there’s no application deadline, we recommend you apply early!)

If you have previously attended PCC and would like to return, you can begin the reenrollment process by starting a new application. Once you have submitted your application, the reenrollment advisor will be contacting you with the information needed to move forward with the admissions process.

Online Application

Complete the Transcript Request and mail it to the high school you graduated from.

If you haven’t yet graduated, request that your high school send a transcript of coursework completed up to the current semester.

If you’ve passed the GED, have an official copy sent directly from the GED test center to the Director of Admissions.

If you expect to transfer credits from another college to PCC, mail a completed Transcript Request to your former college.

Complete recommendation forms.

Request official copies of your ACT, SAT, or CLT scores to be sent to the Director of Admissions.

You can do this automatically by specifying PCC’s ACT number 0707 or SAT number 5970 or if you choose PCC from the list of CLT colleges when you register for these tests.

Complete the Medical Form.

If you’re interested in work assistance, complete the application online, download and print it, or request one in the mail.

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