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Work Assistance Application

What is the Work Assistance Program?

The Work Assistance Program is designed to provide financial assistance by means of on-campus employment to residence hall students with the greatest financial need. These categories include the care of young children, housekeeping, the A Beka Book Distribution Center, dining services, grounds, maintenance, office work, the PCC Print Shop, lifeguarding, and customer service order line. Although we are not able to guarantee actual job placement, the number of hours worked, or the total dollar amount earned, work assistance students are given priority for on-campus employment.

Pay is on a minimum-wage basis and is applied directly to the college account. The first payment is applied in the sixth week of the semester and then every four weeks thereafter.

Who can apply for the Work Assistance Program?

Qualified residence hall students who have definite financial needs and are citizens of the United States or Canada are eligible to apply for work assistance. Please note that the first job considerations are given to students with the greatest financial need.

International students attending college on an F-1 visa, though not eligible for work assistance, may apply for other forms of student employment on campus. Please contact the Student Employment Office at for more information.

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