About PCC


Located at the center of campus, the Campanile is a 6-story tower, roofed in copper and mounted by an iron spiral staircase. It houses the carillon, a set of 43 cup-shaped bronze bells which are controlled by a keyboard in the music suite of the Visual and Performing Arts building. The lovely tones of the Westminster Chime ring every quarter hour, and the striking of the largest bell marks each hour. Additionally, the three largest bells peal (ring repeatedly) twenty minutes before church services. The regular pealing of the carillon serves as a continual reminder to “redeem the time.”

The carillon was cast in Europe in 1988 and chromatically tuned in the United States. While the bells were being cast, the following inscriptions were placed on 22 of them to provide a brief history of PCC and testimony to God’s great salvation.

  • Pensacola Christian College
  • Carillon bells installed 1989.
  • Compliments of A Beka Book ’89
  • PCC began fall 1974.
  • Arlin Horton—Founder/President
  • Architect James Yates Bruce
  • PCC Enrollment 1988—2,426
  • Exalt Jesus Christ.
  • The Lord is my Shepherd.
  • His mercy endureth forever.
  • Jesus Christ lives forevermore.
  • Jesus shall reign.
  • His name shall be called
  • Wonderful, Counselor,
  • The mighty God,
  • The everlasting Father,
  • The Prince of Peace, Isa.9:6
  • For God so loved the world,
  • He gave His only begotten Son,
  • To die in our place.
  • Hallelujah what a Savior!
  • Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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