Dining Facilities Menu

The dining rooms, Four Winds and Varsity, provide food-court-style dining facilities with more than 2,500 total seats. In the self-contained kitchens, thousands of nutritious meals are prepared each day. Students give high marks to PCC’s food service for its quality, variety, and quantity. Innovation and creativity are vital ingredients of the food-service program which features complete menus including continental and cooked breakfast foods, entrée lines, international foods, pizza, deli, chicken tenders, salad bar, a Gluten Free specific line, and fresh fruit. Homemade breads and desserts are prepared daily in the campus bakery. Additional private dining rooms are also available for banquets and other special functions.

Four Winds serves lunch and dinner. Varsity serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Students may go to either dining hall and choose whatever menu item(s) they wish.

Meal Prices

Four Winds Prices

  • Lunch $9
  • Dinner $10
  • Lunch $10
  • Dinner $9

Varsity Prices

  • Breakfast $6
  • Lunch $7
  • Dinner $8
  • Breakfast $6
  • Lunch $8
  • Dinner $7

Town student semester meal pass $450

Thanksgiving Brunch $10

Thanksgiving Dinner $14

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Nutrition values are estimates only; variations may occur due to product availability, food preparation, food origin, and freshness. Any questions or inquiries concerning nutritional information may be sent to dining*pcci|edu.