Founders Arlin R Horton Beka Horton

Dr. Arlin R. Horton, President Emeritus

First PCC President, 1974–2012

Dr. Rebekah “Beka” Horton

Senior Vice President, 1974–2012

Arlin and Beka Horton came to Pensacola in 1952 at the request of community members who desired to start a Christian school. During their first twenty years of ministry, the Hortons established and led Pensacola Christian School, summer camp ministries, and children's outreach programs. With a God-given burden for Christian educational philosophy, they excelled in curriculum development, which led to the establishment of Abeka. Their administrative ability, biblical philosophy, and effective teaching methods inspired Christian educators across the nation.

Arlin Horton Beka Horton Founders

In 1974, Arlin and Beka Horton founded Pensacola Christian College, which opened with 100 students and quickly grew each year thereafter. During Dr. Arlin Horton’s 38 years as president, the College’s tremendous growth required construction of many campus facilities. Today’s beautiful, complete campus resulted from his strategic vision and desire for excellent educational, living, and recreational facilities.

The Hortons are remembered for their desire to do right and serve the Lord with all their hearts. Their purpose for ministry was to glorify God by teaching and reaching others for Christ. The distinctly Christian educational philosophy and strong biblical foundation are hallmarks of the Hortons’ influence on Pensacola Christian College that will remain firm for future generations.

After 60 years of faithful ministry, Arlin and Beka Horton retired in May 2012. Many who were appreciative of the Hortons’ testimony, accomplishments, and mentorship honored them during their “Diamond Jubilee” of service.

After the historic Diamond Jubilee celebration during Bible Conference, a special Honors Concert publicly recognized Dr. and Mrs. Arlin Horton for their 60 years of service in Pensacola. Each presentation gave “honor to whom honor is due,” concluding with the beloved hymn, “To God Be the Glory.”