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Coronavirus Response FAQs

Proactive measures are based on guidance from federal, state, and local agencies and are subject to change as conditions progress.

Last updated: 12/18/2020

Spring Semester Transition

What will the spring semester look like?

The 2021 spring semester will begin on January 26 and end on May 14. Our goal is bring a greater sense of normalcy while maintaining healthy practices.

We hope to conduct as many on-campus classes as possible while continuing to offer, as necessary, a limited number of online courses for on-campus students. While the future is uncertain, we are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our campus.

When will students be able to return to campus for the spring semester? And will early arrival fees be waived?

Residence halls open Thurs., January 21, and all students must be on campus by Sun., January 24. Students can arrive as early as Fri., January 22 without incurring early arrival fees.

New student workers may arrive as early as Thurs., January 21, without incurring early arrival fees.

All other students who arrive early because of on-campus work obligations or are a part of the welcoming crew will not be charged an early arrival fee.

Will students be required to get tested before they return to campus in the spring?

No; students are not required to get tested before returning to campus this spring. However, they will be required to pass a health and exposure screening and undergo a temperature check.

When are students required to wear masks?

Face masks are required when:

  • Walking through lobbies, hallways, and stairwells during class change
  • Entering or exiting dining facilities and while in line for food
  • Entering or exiting large gatherings (Fine Arts, Church, and sporting events)
  • Seated directly next to an individual (that is not within your family unit) in church or a sporting event
  • Using an elevator
  • Working in a customer-service job with patron interactions less than six feet apart
  • Working in food service jobs
When are students not required to wear face masks?

Face masks are NOT required when:

  • Walking through an empty hallway or stairwell or when the nearest person is more than 6 feet away
  • Situated in a crowd of people, but the nearest person is more than 6 feet away
  • Located outside by yourself or the nearest person is more than 6 feet away
  • Seated and socially distanced in the library, academic computer labs, the Commons, and residence hall day rooms
  • Seated and actively eating in the dining facilities, outside areas, or the Commons
Will students with health concerns be able to take all classes remotely in the spring?

Yes; students who are unable to return to campus due to health concerns will have the option to study completely online. However, since lab and experiential courses are only available on campus, it may not be possible to take all courses needed to stay on track for graduation.

What will church, chapel, and Sunday school look like for the spring semester?

Sunday School
Sunday school classes will continue to be replaced with optional weekly online lessons for the spring semester.

All church services will be offered in person with two services each Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday to limit density in the Crowne Centre. See Spring Updates for more detailed information.

All students will attend chapel in person 4 days a week. See Spring Updates for more detailed information.

Will masks still be required in church services?

Yes; individuals are required to wear masks when entering or exiting the Crowne Centre and when seated directly next to an individual that is not within their family unit.

Masks may be removed if students are distanced with at least one open seat between them and the next person.

Will PCC host a Commencement for the class of 2021?

PCC will provide a modified Commencement plan that will enable in–person ceremonies, and family and friends are invited to attend! Graduations will be divided by academic departments over a 2–day period.

For detailed information, see Modified Plans for 2021 Commencement Ceremonies.

To access information on campus health, PCC Cares, and academics see FAQs below.

Campus Health

How does PCC make decisions in response to COVID-19?

COVID-19 response planning reflects input from the PCC Response Taskforce and the PCC Reopening Taskforce, including members of executive administration, academics, student life, student affairs, and employee services. Guidelines and recommendations are based on guidance from federal, state, and local agencies.

How can individuals prevent the spread of illness?

Preventing the spread of any communicable illness includes practicing simple but important personal health routines.

  • Wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with soapy water.
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth (i.e., cloth face covering) in public settings to avoid virus transmission while continuing to maintain 6-foot distance from others.
  • Get adequate sleep and eat well-balanced meals to ensure a healthy immune system.
What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The symptoms of COVID-19 are respiratory illness with fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Symptoms are similar to seasonal influenza and may be mild to severe. More information is available at the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page on the CDC website.

What should students do if they suspect they have COVID-19?

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, immediately call the Graf Clinic . Do not arrive at the Graf Clinic without calling first due to strict protocol for those experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms.

How can residential students get tested for COVID-19?

Symptomatic students can be tested for COVID-19 at the Graf Clinic or through a local healthcare provider.

Will on-campus students be asked to conduct quarantine or isolation periods at home?

Students who live within 250 miles of their primary residence and have their own transportation may be asked to complete their quarantine or isolation at home. However, any student may choose to complete their quarantine or isolation period at home, as long as transportation can be completed safely.

What about non-essential travel to and from Pensacola?

The CDC recommends non-essential (personal) travel should be minimized as it greatly increases your chance of getting or spreading COVID-19. Students should always check traveling restrictions both from Florida and to their traveling destination.

Student Life considers travel to a student’s home address or an approved family member’s residence as essential. Residence hall students must secure a pass to travel.

What type of face masks are allowed?

Disposable or cloth face coverings that extend over the nose and mouth should be worn. Plastic face shields are not allowed per CDC guidance.

During smart casual hours and with professional dress, masks should be plain or patterned with no writing or symbols with the exception of official PCC branding.

Will additional face masks be available for purchase?

Yes; face coverings are available for purchase at the campus store.

What if students have a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face mask?

Individuals with a medical condition that would prevent them from wearing a face mask and young children may receive an exemption. Students with an exemption request may e-mail a physician’s note to

How will social distancing be maintained in elevators and stairwells?

Signage is posted identifying one-directional stairways and elevator policies. Students are required to wear a face mask when in an elevator or a stairwell.

Specific academic course offerings are designated to start on the hour or the half-hour to help meet social distancing guidelines.

Will students be able to go home if they test positive for COVID-19?

Yes; students who test positive for COVID-19 may return home.

What are the health exams relating to COVID-19 for Eagles players?

Health screening will be mandated for student athletes before every practice and game.

Student athletes will receive temperature checks and be asked a series of questions to ensure optimal health.

Do nursing students need to be worried about exposure to COVID-19 through class or clinical work?

All local hospitals place COVID-19 patients on restricted floors, and no nursing students from any college are allowed on those floors.

Is testing going to be required on campus?

Students may be asked to undergo random testing as part of PCC’s COVID-19 surveillance to detect when community spread may be increasing.

What happens if a student does not follow the COVID-19 health precautions outlined by PCC?

In an effort to keep the PCC campus community safe and healthy, any student who is unable or unwilling to abide by the outlined health precautions will be asked to transition home.

How many cases are currently on PCC’s campus?

For current case count, see News & Updates.

Will students be allowed to sit with their friends at campus events?

Students may attend some events with friends in groups of 4–5. Students should keep a seat between themselves and other students; if this is not possible, a mask is required.

What will the dining experience look like?

Accommodations are being made to ensure a safe dining experience, for more detailed information see What to Expect at Meals.

What is PCC doing to ensure the safety of student workers?

Student workers are reminded to follow all CDC cleanliness guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through the use of signs and postings around campus.

  • Work area accommodations have been made to maintain social distancing.
  • Masks are being provided and worn when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies will be provided and higher traffic areas will be sanitized often.
Will recreational facilities be open this spring?

Yes; recreational facilities will operate at a reduced capacity, and hours may be adjusted.

Will there be Prayer Groups and Hall Meetings?

Prayer Groups will be voluntary with alternate times to accommodate for social distancing.

Hall Meetings will not be held.

Will the school continue to offer shopping shuttles?

Yes; shopping shuttles will continue to run with reduced capacity. Masks should be worn while on the shuttle.

What will performance groups look like?

Practices for performance groups are conducted with accommodation for social distancing.

Live concerts are held in locations where adequate social distancing can be maintained by audience members. Some concerts may be virtual.

Will Eagles athletic events continue for the spring semester?

Yes; at this time spring sports will continue as scheduled. Athletes will be screened before every practice and game.

Will fans be allowed to attend Eagles games?
  • Eagles sporting events will be open for PCC faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Entry requirements are as follows:
    • Faculty, staff, and students should provide PCC ID, proof of passing the daily health screen, and wear a face mask until seated.
    • Guests and alumni will undergo a health screening, temperature check, and must wear a face mask until seated.
    • Face masks may only be removed when socially distanced with at least one empty seat between each spectator.
  • Immediate family (parents and siblings) of PCC student-athletes and coaches may attend but will receive a health screen and temp check at the front door.
  • Children of staff, faculty, and alumni may attend and must stay with parents at all times.
  • All guests will sit in a section reserved for family members.

For more details, see the Eagles COVID-19 Health Procedures.

How will college events be affected this spring?

A hybrid strategy for spring events and activities will offer virtual participation options for some events. Other events may see a limit to frequency, and the size of face-to-face interactions, venue, and seating capacity will be considered for each event. Some events will be canceled. When possible, alternatives will be employed (e.g., outdoor spaces) to promote social distancing.

How many students will be in a residence hall room?

Residential room occupancy will be limited to 75%, with three students per room.

What will you do if you run out of residence hall rooms?

On-campus residency preference will be given to upperclassmen and those required to take experiential or lab courses on campus.

Will quarantine and isolation locations be provided for students?

Yes; quarantine and isolation locations will be provided on an as-needed basis for students.

Will campus tours still be available during the spring semester?

Yes; see available tour times at Campus Tours.

Is the PCC campus open to guests?

Yes; guests will be subject to a health screening before being allowed on campus but are not permitted into the residence halls.

What on-campus events will be available this spring?

Currently, PCC plans to host on-campus events in the spring.

No events include overnight stay.

Are guests permitted to attend Eagles games?

Guests are not permitted to attend Eagles games unless they are immediate family members of the Eagles players or coaching staff.

Any eligible guests will receive a health screening and temp check by game staff prior to entry and will sit in a reserved section for family only.


How do you sign up for PCC Cares?

You do not have to sign up for PCC Cares. As a PCC student, you will automatically be eligible for the PCC Cares initiative. If you want to opt into the 12-month payment plan, you may choose to do so at the time of your first payment.

What are the specific payments if students choose the 12-month payment plan?

The first fall and spring semester payments are a fixed rate of $500. The remaining semester payments are approximately $960. This does not include fees and additional charges. Prices will vary based on degree options.

Will taking online classes affect students’ Fourth-Year-Free scholarship?

No; as long as you remain a full-time student for three consecutive years, you will still receive the Fourth-Year-Free scholarship.

Will PCC Cares affect new incoming students’ eligibility for scholarships?

No; students can still receive scholarships and Fourth Year Tuition-Free in conjunction with PCC Cares.

How does PCC Cares affect contract workers?

Contract workers can benefit from all of these provisions, and they are not excluded in any way; however, the payment plan may affect them because their earnings go directly to their school bill.

Will the $200 textbook credit be available to students for the spring semester?

The $200 textbook credit was a gift offered to students for the fall 2020 semester only.

Will new, incoming students receive free room and board for the spring semester?

No; new, incoming students will not receive free room and board for the spring semester. Students with financial need can schedule an appointment to speak directly with a PCC Cares financial aid assistant.


How does the waived SAT/ACT score affect freshmen entering the nursing program?

The SAT/ACT scores are used to determine student entry into a 1- or 2-year pre-nursing program. This year, we are allowing students to choose the option that best fits them and their academic background.

How will practicums, internships, clinicals, and preceptorship that need to be finished in order to graduate be affected?
  • Practicums and Internships: Our Career Services team is actively helping students find alternative ways to meet practicum and internship requirements.
  • PCA Internships: PCA internships will continue as normal as we monitor federal regulations and receive guidance from state and local authorities.
  • Clinicals and preceptorship: Local hospitals are currently open to nursing students. If availability becomes limited, we will use on-campus simulation rooms to ensure students can meet degree requirements.
Who should students contact if they can’t attend class because of illness?

Students who miss class due to illness should e-mail the faculty member and academic chair as soon as is reasonably possible.

Will academic support be available for students?

Academic Success Coaches will be available in person and online for tutoring and to help students transition to online learning and develop skills that contribute to overall academic success.

Will students have access to resources from PCC’s Library?

Yes; we have a large number of available online resources. You can log in to your Eagle’s Nest account to gain access.

Faculty are also assessing the resources that students need to meet the learning outcomes for their courses to ensure that they will be available to students.

What classes are offered online?

A combination of online and on-campus will be offered for the spring 2021 semester. The list of spring course offerings is now available.

Can students finish their degree online?

Students may take a full load of online courses in the spring. However, since lab and experiential courses are only available on campus, it may not be possible to complete all degree requirements online.

Can a student living on campus take all courses online?

No; a limited number of online courses will be available to on-campus students.

Is the number of students per class section going to be limited?

Yes; we are planning to have appropriate section sizes following guidance from state and local authorities.

Will the limited classroom sizes affect my graduation date?

No; if needed, we will look at each student’s schedule and make sure that it will not affect the student’s anticipated graduation date. Students who must take a class to stay on track for graduation will have priority in enrolling in the class.