Coronavirus Information

Prospective Students and Families

Amid COVID-19 uncertainties, many prospective students and families are facing unique obstacles as preparations for college are being made. As a result, PCC is committed to providing additional measures of support to help ease these concerns. Explore the updates below and contact our Admissions Office if you have any questions, or for more information.

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College Entrance Exam Scores

  • The submission of an official college entrance test score will be waived through spring 2022.
  • Students who meet all other academic requirements for the Academic Honors Scholarship will be offered an alternative standardized test provided by PCC in place of the ACT/CLT/SAT to confirm scholarship eligibility.

Fourth Year Tuition-Free

Students enrolling in the Fourth Year Tuition-Free program will have the option to pay the $500 enlistment fee over the spring 2021 semester payments. To enroll, contact your admissions counselor.