Coronavirus Information

Spring Updates

As the spring semester approaches, our goal is to pursue normalization as much as possible while maintaining healthy practices. We will continue to improve the college's ability to offer students a robust educational experience and to offer both students and employees a safe environment.

Decisions will continue to be made with guidance from federal, state, and local agencies and are subject to change based on conditions.

PCC Cares

PCC Cares will continue to offer students assistance and assurance in health and campus experience this spring semester. Students can schedule an appointment to speak directly with a PCC Cares Representative to discuss health concerns or financial assistance.


We will conduct as many on-campus classes as possible this spring while continuing to offer, as necessary, a limited number of online courses for on-campus students.


Chapel services will be offered in-person only with multiple service times and locations. Students will attend four chapel services per week and can sign up for specific times during registration.


All church services will be offered in person with two services each Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday to limit density in the Crowne Centre.

Students can see Campus Church Attendance for more detailed information.

Residence Halls

Residence Halls will continue to operate at 75% capacity, with no more than three students per room.


The 2021 spring semester will begin on January 26 and end on May 14. Students can go home for Easter break and will return to campus to resume their normal class schedules. Residence hall students must contact Student Life to secure a pass to travel. A modified Commencement plan will enable in–person ceremonies. Graduations will be divided by academic departments over a 2–day period. For detailed graduation information, see Modified Plans for 2021 Commencement Ceremonies.


Similar to last semester and before coming to campus, students will sign up for a drive-thru check-in appointment. All students will be required to pass a health and exposure screening, including a temperature check, at their vehicle. For more information on arrival dates, see Spring Semester Transition FAQs.

Face Masks

Disposable or cloth face masks that extend over the nose and mouth are required where social distancing is not possible. Plastic face shields are not allowed per CDC guidance. For more detailed information on updated mask policies, see Spring Semester Transition FAQs.

Have more questions about the spring semester? Check out our Spring Semester Transition FAQs.