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Bible Exposition

Greater Scriptural Knowledge for Greater Effectiveness

Whether you’re called to preach to a congregation or to witness at your job, getting into God’s Word is as important as breathing. You study on your own, but maybe you’ve wondered if it’s possible to get in-depth Bible training that fits around your everyday life?

With an online Master of Arts in Bible Exposition from PTS, you can.

You’ll get the chance to study the Bible as a whole. Explore key topics. And master the messages of Scripture—without having to leave your current work.

Fast Facts

Credit Hours

per credit hour*

Time to finish**

Approximate Total Cost
Tuition and Fees*

*Prices are subject to change.
**You can finish in 19 months by taking two classes each semester. If you take one class each semester, you’d finish in just over three years and three months.

What Students Say

Flexible, Valuable Online Learning

For each 3-credit class, you’ll spend about

3 hours/week

watching class lectures pre-recorded live

6 hours/week

on studying and projects

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Admission Requirements

You won’t need…

  • an undergrad degree in Bible
  • GMAT or GRE test scores

You will need…

  • a bachelor’s degree
  • minimum 2.50 cumulative undergrad GPA


When do classes start?

Classes start each spring, summer, and fall. To see start dates, take a look at the dates and deadlines page.

Are there deadlines for tests and projects?

You won’t have deadlines for tests. But you’ll have deadlines for papers and projects so your instructor can give you feedback before you turn in your next project. (If you’d like, you can work ahead and turn in projects early.)

Do I need a proctor?

Yes, you’ll need a proctor to administer and supervise the quizzes and tests for your online course. If you will be working on your courses in the United States, you can either use a live proctor or Examity online proctoring. If you will be taking quizzes or tests while outside of the United States, you must use Examity online proctoring. There is no charge to use Examity, which is a remote test proctoring service that allows you to take quizzes and tests from home at any time, day or night.

If you choose to use a live proctor, you must get the proctor approved before you can begin preregistration. The proctor must be a member of the local church pastoral staff (pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor); pastor’s wife; deacon; church secretary; or a member of the administration, faculty, or secretarial staff of a Christian school. Relatives, peers, GA’s or other students enrolled in online courses are not allowed to be proctors. Your proctor should be available throughout the term to proctor your tests, and you will need to plan your testing times around your proctor’s schedule. Tests will be administered online using the proctor’s computer.

The Online-Learning Office will also provide testing times for on-campus and town students. If you select this option, you will receive an e-mail with available testing times after you are registered for your course.

How long can I take to finish my degree?

You can finish your degree in under two years, but you’ll have up to seven years if you need it.

Can I transfer credits from somewhere else?

Up to three hours of approved graduate credit can be transferred to a PTS master’s degree.

Will my diploma specify that I earned this degree online?

No, your diploma will only say “Pensacola Theological Seminary.” Your online degree is no different from the same degree earned on campus.

Can I take a semester off between classes?

Feel free to take semesters off when you need to! You have seven years to finish.