Business Department

Division of Professional Studies

Dr. Donna Marion
Dean of Professional Studies

The purpose of this division is to prepare Christian leaders in education and business areas by providing a Christian-traditional liberal arts education and specialized training in service-oriented professions.

This division comprises the business and education departments of Pensacola Christian College, which both offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Mr. John Cuendet, Chair

In today’s dynamic business environment, there is a clarion call for men and women of integrity willing to serve Christ and others in a spirit of humility while implementing sound business principles and leadership skills. PCC’s Master of Business Administration degree prepares those involved in ministry or in the business profession with practical decision-making tools by providing a strong academic program that is both affordable and attractive to students of all academic and workplace backgrounds. The student, while gaining valuable business management skills in several functional areas, is also equipped and further strengthened in biblical principles. The M.B.A. curriculum is application-oriented and provides the student with the technological, quantitative, and qualitative skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Graduate Degree