Master of Business Administration Degree

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Reach your career goals and grow your effectiveness with a Master of Business Administration. You’ll gain confidence for navigating ethical dilemmas from a God-honoring perspective. You’ll sharpen your communication skills, and you’ll strengthen your ability to make strategic decisions based on accounting, marketing, finance, and leadership principles.

At Pensacola Christian College, you can realize your dream to make a difference through business. You’ll learn strategies that can drive results in a small business, large corporation, or Christian ministry. You’ll take your skills—and your confidence—to greater heights and thrive through practical projects that prepare you to lead.

Credit hours


Avg. years to finish


Per credit hour (2019–2020)

Online class monthly cost with FlexPay (4 total payments)

2 Study Options

  • Online, Full Semesters
  • On Campus, with 1 Online Course

Learning Outcomes

You’ll be able to

  • assess legal, regulatory, and political ramifications of ethical issues concerning the business environment;
  • make ethical and moral choices based on a biblical worldview;
  • communicate effectively in written and oral presentations;
  • apply technology to acquire and use data as a strategic resource;
  • identify preferred leadership behavior, attitudes, and styles to effectively manage an organization in a dynamic global environment;
  • use current economic and financial models and theories for analyzing data and forecasting as it relates to the organization, industry, and global forces;
  • analyze business opportunities to develop strategic solutions to organizational goals and objectives; and
  • relate knowledge to practical experiences.

Student Perspective

At PCC you can push your personal limits. Teachers had the flexibility of allowing me to go the extra mile; if I wanted to think completely out of the box and go the extra mile, they wouldn’t stop me. They let you think. They empower you.

Fernando Higuera
Master of Business Administration Grad

Business Administration Courses

Admission Requirements

Master of Business Administration students are not required to have GMAT or GRE test scores. However, a bachelor’s degree with a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA is required. While your bachelor’s does not have to be in business, the core competencies below are required. All are available online except for Accounting:

  • Accounting—Introductory courses (AC 231 and 232)
  • Economics—Macroeconomics and Microeconomics (BA 303 and 304)
  • Finance—Corporate Finance—one year (BA 301 and 302)
  • Marketing—Foundational course (MK 204)
  • Statistics—Upper-level course (BA 322 or MA 326)

Students may satisfy these core competencies while taking M.B.A. courses, but the time to complete the M.B.A. will increase.

All Applicants Must Submit the Following:

For more information, see General Admission Requirements.

Residence Requirements

You can complete all your coursework 100% online, without ever being required to come to PCC. Courses are also offered on campus during the fall and spring semesters. (If you choose on-campus study, you'll also need to take one course online.)

Dates & Deadlines

  • Online-learning semesters begin each fall, spring, and summer.
  • On-campus semesters begin each fall and spring.

See the Calendar of Events for more information.

Your Master of Business Administration must be completed within 7 consecutive years.

Top FAQs

If I study online, will I have to watch lectures live?

While you’ll get the same full-length lectures as on-campus students, they’re prerecorded in-classroom so you can fit them around your schedule. Every lecture will be available 24/7 on your easy-to-use online dashboard.

Can I transfer credits from somewhere else?

Up to 3 hours of approved graduate credit can be transferred prior to starting your Master of Business Administration.

Can I take a semester off between classes?

Feel free to take semesters off when you need to! If you take off 12 months or more between classes, though, you’ll be considered a reenrolling student and need to reapply. Also keep in mind you have 7 years to complete your degree from the date you start.