Education Department

Division of Professional Studies

Dr. Donna Marion
Dean of Professional Studies

The purpose of this division is to prepare Christian leaders in education and business areas by providing a Christian-traditional liberal arts education and specialized training in service-oriented professions.

This division comprises the business and education departments of Pensacola Christian College, which both offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Mr. Eric Bryant, Chair

The graduate programs offered by PCC’s Education Department are scholarly in their academic approach and practical in their application to the local Christian school ministry. These programs are beneficial regardless of whether you have prior training in the field of education. The goal of each program is to provide proven tools that will be effective in helping to further the cause of Christ in the field of Christian education. These programs are not designed to prepare students for professional licensure or to teach in public schools.

The residence options are designed to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of students who serve the Lord in Christian education. Those options are shown with each program.

Graduate Degrees

Master of Science

Education Specialist

Doctor of Education