Master of Arts Degree in Music

The purpose of this degree is to produce Christian musicians that implement strong technical, musical, and communication skills to honor the Lord through music.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the music program will be able to

  • evaluate forms and style characteristics in music literature,
  • produce public performances showing graduate proficiency in music,
  • incorporate advanced harmonic principles in arranging and composition, and
  • communicate concisely and effectively about music in oral and written formats.

Admission Requirements

See Admission Requirements.

Residence Requirements

Thirty semester credit hours of work may be completed in two years by enrolling pre-term, fall, spring, summer, fall, and spring. A public recital must be given before graduate work is completed.

Music Proficiency

All music graduate students must demonstrate basic keyboard skill before completing the degree program.

Private music instruction in the student’s proficiency is required each semester. Music instruction is available in voice, keyboard, strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and conducting. MU 656 Graduate Recital includes private music instruction. Ensemble credit includes Chamber Ensemble, Orchestra, or Accompaniment Practicum.

Courses You’ll Take