Financial Information

You can earn your graduate degree for just $298/credit hour. That’s without trying to get any special funding or government aid—without jumping through any hoops.

That means you can get an entire master’s degree online for approximately $10,500. (You can pay in full OR choose the payment plan option to bring your cost for one class to under $275/month for 4 months.)

If you study on campus for your master’s degree, add $1,798 room and board per semester (or $1,175 per summer) to your tuition costs. There’s a payment plan available for you, too!

Basic Cost 2018–2019


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Tuition covers fees for

  • Library Access, including online databases
  • Fine Arts Series
  • Athletic Events
  • Yearbook
$ 298.00/credit hour

149.00/credit hour to audit

Room and Board
Fall/Spring 1,798.00/semester
Summer 25.00/day
Pre-term/Interterm/Post-term 30.00/day
One-Week Modules 197.48/with meals
172.48/without meals
Miscellaneous Costs

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  • Textbooks
  • Supplies
  • Laundry
  • Incidentals
Application Fee

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  • Nonrefundable, nontransferable
  • Required for new & re-enrolling applicants
Access and Technology Fee—Online Learning

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This per-course fee pays for

  • technology services including hardware, infrastructure, and support
  • your personal PCC e-mail account
  • access to Eagle’s Nest
  • course delivery
  • library access, including online databases
  • general course administration costs
  • your proctor’s packets and testing materials

There is a $80 Access and Technology Fee (per course) for those who choose to audit a course.

Conditional Fees
Registration, Records, and Business Office
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 7.50
Early Arrival Fee
  • Fall/Spring
  • Summer
    • 1 day before registration
    • 2 or more days before registration (except Session I)
  • One-Week Modules*
  • 30.00/day
  • 25.00
  • 30.00
  • 34.50
Late Arrival Fee 50.00
Late Departure Fee 30.00/day
Late Registration Fee
  • Fall/Spring
  • Summer
  • Pre-term/Interterm/Post-term
  • One-Week Modules
  • Online Learning
  • 50.00
  • 25.00
  • 25.00
  • 25.00
  • 25.00
Early or Late Exam Fee 10.00/exam
Testing Center Fee 10.00/test
Returned Check Fee 25.00
PTS/PCC Card Replacement Fee 7.50
Recital Fee 75.00
Graduate Art Show Fee 75.00
Graduate M.F.A. Show Fee 100.00
Doctoral Dissertation/Major Project
Continuing Dissertation Services Fee 596.00/term
Continuing Major Project Services Fee 298.00/term
Copying and Binding Fee varies
Final Copy Extension Fee 150.00
Vehicle Registration (per fall/spring semester)
  • Residence Hall Student
  • Town Student


  • Residence Hall Student
  • Town Student


Bicycle 10.00
Late Vehicle Registration Fee 15.00
Online Learning
Online-Learning Testing Fee 50.00
Proctor Verification Fee 10.00
Petition for Graduation Fee 80.00
Late Petition for Graduation Fee 25.00
Diploma Reorder Fee 20.00

* For students arriving on Saturday; does not include meals.
† Contact the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office for details.
‡ December graduates pay graduation fees with November 19 payment; May graduates pay graduation fees with April 15 payment.
All costs are subject to change.