Financial Aid

Abeka Fund

PTS and PCC maintain charges that are among the lowest in the nation; thus in effect, every student enrolled at PTS or PCC receives an automatic financial benefit of several thousand dollars.

Abeka Fund provides loans to qualified students who need help in financing their seminary education at PTS or graduate education at PCC. Students attending year-round (fall/spring) are eligible to apply for Abeka Fund loans upon completion of 9 credit hours. Students who meet Abeka Fund loan requirements may be permitted to borrow up to $2,500 per year for up to four years. For additional information, e-mail studentloans*abekafund|com or call (850) 478-8496, ext. 2082.

Private Scholarships

A few privately funded scholarships are available specifically for current seminary and graduate students. In addition, students are encouraged to research and apply for other sources of private scholarship aid online.

Seminary Scholarships

Graduate Studies Scholarships