Information for Graduating Students


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General Information

Students completing requirements for a degree should submit a Petition for Graduation online through Eagle’s Nest by the end of the Drop/Add period the semester they anticipate graduating.

A Petition for Graduation Fee of $80 will be charged to your account after your eligibility for graduation is confirmed. May graduates pay this fee with the April 13 payment and December graduates pay this fee with the November 18 payment. Petitions submitted after the end of Drop/Add will incur a $25 Late Petition for Graduation Fee.

Beginning February 12, students can order graduation announcements at The order deadline is March 15.

Graduates who have difficulty with stairs need to e-mail graduationclerk*pcci|edu by April 17 so that your seat can be assigned in an appropriate location.

If you have guests who need wheelchair seating or an American Sign Language interpreter, contact commencement*pcci|edu by Tuesday, April 21, to ensure appropriate accommodations.

Graduates are eligible to receive up to 4 tickets for reserved seats in the Crowne Centre. Commencement tickets are free and may not be sold. Guests without a reserved-seat ticket may view the ceremony by video in the Crawford Chapel (located in the Crowne Centre), Dale Horton Auditorium, Sports Center Arena, or the MacKenzie Great Hall (for guests with children under 6). The event will also be livestreamed at

Reserve your tickets online at on the date and time listed below based on the total number of tickets needed.

3 or fewer tickets (no extra tickets) Mon., Apr. 27, 2020, 6 a.m.–midnight CT
4 or fewer tickets (no extra tickets) Tues., Apr. 28, 2020, 6 a.m.–midnight CT
4 or fewer tickets (and up to 2 extra tickets as available) Thurs., Apr. 30, 2020, 6 a.m.–midnight CT

ID number coupon code is valid one time only between Monday, April 27, and Thursday, April 30.

Children must be six years old to attend the Commencement ceremony in the Crowne Centre. Children under six may watch Commencement by video with an adult in the MacKenzie Great Hall. If a non-graduating student is willing to watch your guests’ children in MacKenzie during Commencement, they may get permission from Student Life to do so.


  • Wear a navy or black dress (or skirt and blouse) of proper street length, not longer than your regalia gown.
  • Wear black shoes. Do not wear backless shoes or cowboy boots.
  • Have your hair off the shoulder and forehead.
  • Do not carry a purse.


  • Wear black or dark blue (not gray), solid-colored pants.
  • Wear a white, long-sleeved dress shirt.
  • Wear a conservative, four-in-hand tie. (This is a man’s regular long tie.)
  • Wear black socks and black shoes. Do not wear backless shoes or cowboy boots.
  • Follow grooming guidelines in the Pathway for hair (including facial hair).

Graduation regalia is designed to follow a uniform academic protocol. Additions to the college-issued regalia listed below are not permitted.

Cap and Tassel

The cap (or mortarboard) is worn by all participants. The color of the tassel on the cap indicates the major field. Undergraduate candidates wear their tassel on the right side and move it to the left when their degree is conferred. Graduate candidates wear their tassel on the left side.


A black gown is worn by all participants. The type of sleeve varies by degree.

White Collar

A white collar is worn by women who are receiving an Associate in Science degree; men do not wear this collar. Associate candidates do not wear a hood.


Hood Instructions

A hood is worn by bachelor, master, and doctoral candidates. The hood is worn with the velvet side up; the velvet denotes the major/degree being granted.

On the back of the hood, the silk lining should be turned out so the royal blue and white silk can be seen, as shown in the picture below.

Seminary Sash

Seminary master candidates wear a black and red sash. The sash is worn on the right shoulder and hangs so that the tassel is on the left side.


Honor cords and medallions are draped around the neck under the hood. PCC awards the following honors:


Undergraduate candidates who earn at least a 3.50 PCC cumulative GPA wear a medallion in addition to blue and white cords. Seminary and graduate students who earn a 4.00 PCC cumulative GPA wear double gold cords.

Christian Leadership

Undergraduate students selected for Christian Leadership recognition wear a red cord.

Who’s Who

Undergraduate students selected for Who’s Who among PCC Students wear a gold cord.

On Thursday, May 7, pick up your regalia in the Crowne Centre Choir Practice Room between 7:30 a.m. and 12 noon. Enter from the back of the Crowne Centre using the First Street entrance on the west side of the building just past the North Lobby entrance.

  • Your regalia will be labeled with your name.
  • If anything does not fit properly, see the attendant who will assist you with an exchange.
  • Scan your ID card before leaving Regalia Distribution.
Regalia Map

Rehearsal for Commencement begins at 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 7, and will end at approximately 5 p.m. Enter the Crowne Centre through the lobby doors closest to the Crowne Centre parking lot. This is a full dress rehearsal, which means you need to wear your regalia as well as the attire that you plan to wear at Commencement.

Graduates need to be in their line location for Commencement processional by 8:40 a.m. The lobby doors closest to the Crowne Centre parking lot will be open for graduates only beginning at 8:15 a.m.

Doors to the Crowne Centre open for guests at 8:45 a.m. Guests should be seated by 9:20 a.m. No photographic or recording equipment or packages of any kind are permitted in the auditorium. Guests are requested to turn off all mobile devices.

Parking is available on campus and in surrounding areas. For your convenience, traffic attendants will guide you to the areas open for parking. Please allow extra time in your travel plans to get to the Crowne Centre from your parking location.

Regalia must be returned to the Crowne Centre Music Suite after Commencement by 2 p.m.

Regalia Map

Diplomas will be mailed to graduates after May 22 to the address on file, provided the Business Office account is paid in full. If you need to revise your address, please e-mail graduationclerk*pcci|edu. For diploma reorders, a $20 Diploma Reorder Fee will apply.

To order a custom diploma frame, visit the Campus Store ( online.