Academic Integrity

The essence of collegiate learning is based upon the fundamental principles of honesty and independent study in the fulfillment of all coursework. As a student at PCC, it is understood that you will honor these principles without exception. Any student who cheats in any way, gains an unfair advantage in coursework, submits work which is not his own, plagiarizes, falsifies academic records or grades, or who commits other acts of academic dishonesty will receive academic penalty and may be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including suspension or dismissal.


Plagiarism is failure to give proper credit in an acceptable manner for the work of another. Any work submitted by a student must be his own original work unless proper credit is given to the source. Turning in work improperly taken from sources such as the Internet, books, other students, etc., is considered plagiarism and is not acceptable. It is customary for institutions of higher learning to subscribe to anti-plagiarism software. PCC also uses software to detect plagiarism and promote proper research.