Students 23 & Older


Students 23 and older may live off campus in accordance with the Town Student Eligibility Policy. Those who choose to remain on campus, are assigned to a designated residence hall or floor unless otherwise requested. Students 30 and older will be assigned to a 23 and older floor.


Coberly north is reserved for male students and Coberly south for female students. Students may not be in opposite-gender wings. Residents of Coberly will enter through the main lobby and are free to socialize or study there from 5:30 a.m. until the lobby closes at midnight. All students must return to their own wings once the lobby is closed. Visiting students under 23 should show their PCC Card to the desk worker and proceed directly to their friend’s room as only Coberly residents may socialize in the lobby.

You should be present in your own room or the lobby at 11:00 p.m. Sun.–Thurs. and midnight Fri.–Sat. until your Residence Assistant has checked in with you.