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Philip Green

Philip Green (’99 Youth Ministries grad)

  • Pastor, First Baptist Church (Pavilion, NY)
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

Since 2004, Pastor Philip Green has served his community as a volunteer Chaplain for the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office. He assists with death notifications; provides marital, family, and individual counseling; offers stress management classes; visits deputies, dispatchers, and hospital administration; and ministers in many other activities.

In response to Pastor Green’s many years of selfless service, the National Sheriff’s Association will honor him with the 2011 Chaplain of the Year award at the association’s Summer Training Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, this summer.

“As a pastor, I love to see people grow spiritually, to increase their faith and confidence in the Lord,” he said. “My favorite part of working with the law enforcement community is having the opportunity to be a witness and testimony of God’s grace to a community.

“PCC’s academics taught me diligence, time management, and good communication through correct grammar,” he said, “but I believe the most important things I learned at PCC were an attitude of excellence, the ability to sort my thoughts in a systematic and cohesive format, how to deal with leaders and authority figures, and how to minister.”

Rodney Moye (’02 M.Div grad)
Pastor, Independent Baptist Church of Georgetown (Washington, D.C.)

“While attending Pensacola Theological Seminary (PTS), I took a church-planting class. As I approached graduation, God began to reveal that He would have me to become a church planter, and through a succession of events, He used one of my seminary teachers to lead my wife and me to start Independent Baptist Church of Georgetown.

“My two favorite parts about serving God in full-time ministry are knowing that I am in the center of God’s will and knowing that my life is making a difference in eternity. I want my life to count for something for eternity, and full-time ministry gives me that opportunity.

“PTS prepared me for the ministry in a variety of ways from the practical, biblical preaching and teaching that the school offers to the school’s emphasis on professionalism—doing all to the glory of God. As a church planter, I believe the most practical, helpful, and valuable area of my training was the time I spent serving as a seminary intern in local Pensacola churches. I am very thankful that PCC requires this very important aspect of preparing men and women to serve in full-time ministry.

“One of my favorite classes was Revelation taught by Dr. Mullenix. As I sat through class, I was amazed at how effortlessly he unfolded the truths of Revelation in an almost storybook fashion. His knowledge and approach allowed me to retain much of what I learned, and I can still remember him standing before the class, describing the fall of Babylon, excitedly sharing how our Savior will one day have victory over the nations and wickedness of this world.

“I would wholeheartedly advise any young person considering PCC’s Bible program or preparing for the ministry to seriously pray about attending PCC. The teaching is first-rate; the classes are challenging; the facilities are second to none; and, most importantly, God and His Word are revered at PCC.”

Steven Curry (’91 Bible grad)
Pastor, Oakside Baptist Church (LaGrange, GA)

“The Lord has given us a wonderful ministry that encompasses a wide range of outreach. Our ministries include WOAK Christian Radio; a Reformers Unanimous chapter, recognized by county health and governmental agencies as the leader in addiction and family counseling in our area; a missions program, stationed both home and abroad, supporting over 60 full-time missionaries; and a children’s and youth ministry. The Lord is blessing us with growth not only numerically, but also spiritually as folk accept Christ, learn discipleship, and begin serving.

“I love that God allows me to do the things I am passionate about. I get to serve the Lord full time every day, work with people, and see the Lord develop them for His glory. I get to preach the Word of God and see the Holy Spirit move on hearts. I could never be happier doing anything else, for God has given me my heart’s desire.

“My courses and instructors at PCC gave me the tools to lead an effective ministry, teaching me methodology and emphasizing excellence. Sitting under teachers who were former pastors and preachers and seasoned in local church ministry gave me an insight into the passion, the work ethic, the commitment level, and the spiritual toughness that I would need to be an effective pastor. They taught me a passion for preaching the Word of God without compromise and for being faithful and true to the text.”

Joshua Teis

Joshua Teis (’02 Pastoral Ministries grad)

  • Senior Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church of Las Vegas (Church Plant)
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“My favorite part of being in the ministry is seeing souls come to Christ and choose to follow Him through discipleship.

“PCC has great Bible teaching. I have learned the Bible and how to study the Bible from my teachers at PCC. It was at PCC that I learned how to preach and developed my skills through the classes. I loved Dr. Stelzer’s Hebrews & James class—great truths in easy to digest portions.

Pastor Teis’s advice for someone considering PCC’s Bible program or preparing for the ministry: “Go for it! They will prepare you for the study as well as the pulpit in a very Biblical and practical way.”

Tim Zacharias

Tim Zacharias (’89 Youth Ministries grad)

  • Pastor/Church Planter, Community Baptist Church in Branford, CT
  • Master of Biblical Studies: Emmanuel Baptist Theological Seminary

“After graduation from PCC, I served as youth pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC, for seven years. During my ministry there, God put in my path some youth pastors from New England who spoke to me about the need for more churches in that area of the country. Those conversations initiated God’s leading in our lives to plant a church. Through prayer, people, and circumstances, God led us to Branford, CT, where we began Community Baptist Church.

“The most rewarding part of the ministry for me is seeing a person come to Christ and grow through discipleship and the ministries of the church. I also thoroughly enjoy studying the Word of God and preaching each week.

“My training at PCC was invaluable in preparing me for my ministry. The classes enabled me to become grounded in the Word and in my beliefs. The extracurricular activities allowed me to practically work in ministry settings. I was able to travel in singing groups, and this gave me insight into a wide variety of ministries. I also assisted in the youth group at the Campus Church. During that time, I was able to learn the practical side of ministry and how to work with different types of people.

“One of my favorite Bible classes was Hermeneutics, where I was taught the principles of Biblical interpretation. I had to present and defend a position on a controversial passage as part of the requirements. This was very challenging; however, it helped me to learn what it means to take time to really understand a Bible passage in its context.

“Consider all that the college has to offer. PCC has the resources and the ability to offer so much to enhance your college experience—outreach opportunities, practical experience to prepare you for your future ministry. The academics are first class for sure, but much of your learning will happen through the ministry opportunities you participate in outside of the classroom.”

Jacob Langdon

Jacob Langdon (’03 Youth Ministries grad)

  • Pastor, Fellowship Baptist Church in Emlenton, PA
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“I began as the assistant pastor of youth/music at Fellowship Baptist Church in 2005 and became the pastor in 2010. While in seminary at PTS, I learned of the church from PCC’s Placement Office. The pastor at the time e-mailed me, and when I expressed interest, he offered to fly me up for a visit. After visiting, I decided to serve the Lord here.

“My favorite part of full-time ministry is preaching and teaching. It is especially rewarding when people come to me afterward and say that they learned something or that the message helped them with something they’ve always wondered about or struggled with. I like to help people grow in their knowledge of God and His Word.

“I teach teen Sunday school and our Wednesday adult Bible study, and I preach both services on Sunday, so I make sure studying my Bible is a top priority. I also spend time each week visiting shut-ins, those in the hospital, or those who have been away from church for a while. In addition, I plan and organize many church events and activities.

“I think PCC’s greatest strength in its Bible training is its focus on classes in Bible knowledge. I took many classes that focused on a particular book or section of the Bible. I believe many other Bible colleges and institutes overly focus on the practical side, which is important, but not to the exclusion of Bible knowledge. Having a solid grasp on the Scriptures will solve many issues in the ministry. On the other hand, one of the most helpful parts of my learning was my internship in a local church. I was able to learn many practical things by experience before entering full-time ministry. I would encourage all ministerial students to participate in the local church internship program.

“My favorite classes in the Bible program included Romans because of its rich doctrine, Greek because of the feeling of accomplishment it brought, and Ministerial Seminar because of its practical training. I have fond memories of singing the ministerial song with hundreds of other college men.

“As I mentioned above, I would encourage each PCC ministerial student to participate in the local church internship program. Those who don’t really miss out. The exposure to a seasoned pastor and the experience in real ministry are invaluable. I’m thankful for the growth and instruction I received from Pastor Rubin Ruffin. He gave me the opportunity to lead the congregational singing and the choir ministry, and when I came to Fellowship Baptist, I served in those areas with confidence because of my experience as an intern. I was also able to hone my preaching/teaching ability in the internship program.

“I appreciate the well-rounded education PCC offers. I think the young person considering full-time ministry should seek a college that requires more than just Bible classes, but also English, history, and math classes. I know many pastors who love the Lord, but their basic knowledge in these practical areas is lacking. I especially appreciate the high standard of English grammar at PCC because that is a lost art in many places. In addition, PCC has high academic standards in each of these classes, and that is something that should be important to all prospective students.”

Eric Humble

Eric Humble (’02 Youth Ministries grad)

  • Children’s Pastor, Mansfield Baptist Temple (Mansfield, OH)
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“I have served at Mansfield Baptist Temple for six years. I love the opportunity to be a part of so many people’s lives and an influence on young people and adults. The most rewarding part of my job is to see children accept Christ as their Savior.

“When I decided to go to PCC, I looked at what kind of men PCC was producing in the ministry and liked what I saw. Ultimately, this is why I attended. PCC gave me a good foundation for my ministry because of the many ways to get involved. Being involved and serving in the ministries of PCC helped me gain insight into the practical aspects of the ministry. I also appreciate the classes and internship that gave me hands-on experience in music and Bible. During my years of interning, I began to see God’s calling me to children's ministry.

“PCC was and has been such a blessing to me. My advice to students is that you shouldn’t just search for a school that has your major, but a school that can prepare you for life—a school with good standards that can help you live your life according to God’s Word.”

Eric Gustafson

Eric Gustafson (’98 Bible grad)

  • Pastor, Paradise Valley Baptist Church (Cresco, PA)
  • M.S. in Educational Administration: Pensacola Christian College

“I have many blessings in serving the Lord full-time, but one of the most rewarding is that my family is able to be such an integral part of serving with me. My wife and children are able to see the Lord’s hand of blessing upon our church, new converts growing in Christ, faithful examples by other believers, and the excitement that comes with being in the center of God's will.

“PCC reinforced the biblical foundation my parents had instilled in my life. Through the various classes, special speakers, and conferences, I received a wide variety of Bible-based preaching. The ministerial seminar program was very helpful in preparing me for the day-to-day areas of church ministry such as baptisms, administering the Lord’s Supper, weddings, funerals, and directing congregational music. Learning to use the Bible as the sole authority and basis for all counseling has been exceedingly valuable in ministry.

“PCC offers an excellent Bible program that will equip you with the study of God, but it will be your daily private walk with the Lord that will determine your effectiveness in your ministry. I appreciate PCC’s desire for excellence in academics and purpose to remain true to the Bible despite so many who have forsaken the precepts and lines of Scripture.”

Craig Mansfield

Craig Mansfield (’92 Bible Exposition grad)
Pastor, First Baptist Church (Kenton, OH)

“I was led to this position in 2000 after serving as a youth pastor for eight years. The first three years were very turbulent. The church was suffering from decades of no biblical teaching, building on unbiblical principles and adopting worldly philosophies. Several of the people began to grow stronger in their faith in God’s Word; and as they did, God was able to carry out His transformational power in them. I rejoice as people change more into the image of Jesus Christ.

“PCC gave me the solid foundation on which to build a ministry. There is no way possible an institution can prepare you for all you will face, but it can hinder you if it is missing the solid foundation of biblical teaching and principles. In difficult ministry moments, I have seen God’s faithfulness as I trust in His Word. The education I received from PCC has prepared me with the correct worldview, a discerning mind, and a steadfast faith in God’s Word as my guide.”

Samuel Hodges (’93 Missions grad)
Pastor/Missionary, New Life Baptist Church, Honduras

“We have been in Honduras for 13 years. I have been pastoring this church for 12 years. We drove to different places to find a need for a good Bible church. We found an area called Sabanagrande, 45 minutes from the capital city of Tegucigalpa. The population was about 11,000 people, but there was no independent, fundamental Baptist church in this area.

“My favorite part in full-time ministry is PREACHING. I love to preach, and the most rewarding part is when I see folks coming to repentance and wanting the Lord as their personal Savior and training young people to serve the Lord. Our altar call is always full of people. This is so encouraging for a pastor to see his flock at the altar.

“PCC’s Bible classes helped with the doctrinal foundation. As a missions major, however, the preparation by the missions department under the great direction of Dr. Brian Bucy helped instill the confidence needed to get to the mission field and start a work. Probably one of the most beneficial things as well was a strong preacher boys’ class, Ministerial Seminar.

“Develop a strong local church and pastoral philosophy while you are in Bible college. This will help you to steer clear of many of the modern movements that are developing today.”

Glenn Jago

Glenn Jago (’81 Bible grad)
Pastor, Church of the Open Door (Fort Washington, PA)

“My responsibilities include preaching, leading a small group Bible study and weekly Bible studies, teaching Theology courses, and serving as president of the elder board. I also serve as president of the Christian school that runs from preschool to eighth grade.

“PCC taught me the discipline of studying and that continues to be the emphasis of my life to this day. I love studying God’s Word and unfolding its rich truths each week to those seeking deeper understanding. PCC taught me the value of diligence, consistency, and accuracy in studying and proclaiming God's Word.”

Charlie Barnes

Charlie Barnes (’95 Bible Exposition grad)
Associate Pastor, Engleside Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)

“My responsibilities include counseling, teaching Sunday school, overseeing church fellowships, organizing church outreaches, caring for our building, and preaching when our pastor is out.

“My favorite part of ministry is that I have many opportunities on a daily basis to impact eternity. There is no greater joy than to see an individual grow in Christ.

“The most valuable aspect of my training at PCC is the preparation I received in preaching and teaching the Word of God. PCC’s program gave me a great foundation in Biblical knowledge and Scriptural application.”

Mark Ward

Mark Ward (’93 Bible grad)

  • Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church in Tipton, IN
  • Graduate Student: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“I enjoy serving the Lord in full-time ministry because I have the privilege of preaching and seeing people’s lives changed. I enjoy seeing people grow in the Lord, and this is the most rewarding aspect of my ministry.

“PCC prepared me for ministry by teaching me to have a servant’s heart. I found the chapel program a huge boost to my daily walk with the Lord, as well as the practical Bible classes I had to take in my degree program. The class notes I received as well as the practical Bible messages in chapel all remind me of God’s goodness and His faithfulness as I serve Him in full-time ministry.

“I am currently enrolled in Pensacola Theological Seminary where I am earning an M.A. in Bible Exposition. After being away from PCC for over 15 years, it is rewarding to go back to PCC and learn more through their seminary program.

“I would strongly recommend that those pursuing a Bible degree from PCC learn as much of the Bible as they can learn while at PCC. While extra activities are important in college, learning and studying the Bible with a fervency and desire in one’s heart will always have a lasting effect upon one’s Biblical world view. Furthermore, the Bible student should take what he learns in Bible class and use it through active Christian service and ministry opportunities in the Pensacola area. This is such a must if the Bible student is going to practically apply what he learns in the classroom.

“Even though I went to PCC years ago, I still appreciate its doctrinal position on the Bible and the strong Bible emphasis that is taught within its seminary. It is a privilege to be a PCC graduate, and I thank the Lord that He has allowed me to continue to receive education on the graduate level from the seminary. Certainly, PCC has had a life-changing effect on my personal life. My family and I still enjoy visiting the campus and seeing all the great things the Lord is continuing to accomplish through the ministries of Pensacola Christian College.”

James Horton (’82 Bible grad)
Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church (Casper, WY)

“Since I am the only pastoral staff member, my duties are wide and varied, but as it concerns the pastorate, many of my days are filled with the study of the Word of God and seeking the Holy Spirit’s direction for life and ministry. Not only do I preach on Sundays and Wednesdays, but I also teach a Sunday school class for married couples, oversee the music program and conduct the church choir, conduct soul winning training, and serve in the soul winning and visitation program of the church.

“The most valuable training I received was through the Pastoral Problem Solving [Ministerial Seminar] class. There have been many times through the course of my ministry that I have gone to my files and referred to my class notes for a resolution to a problem.

“I don’t think a student really appreciates the full value of PCC’s programs of study until well after graduation. The disciplines I acquired served to lay the foundation for a life of Bible study. In the scope of my ministry experience, I use the Scriptures in almost every area to some degree. Were it not for God’s grace and the instruction I received at PCC, I would not be prepared to meet the challenges that come with church ministry.”

Eric Gustafson

Keith Kelley (’94 Bible grad)

  • Pastor, First Baptist Church (Clearwater, KS)
  • Teacher, Sunrise Christian Academy (Bel Aire, KS)

“In addition to pastoring, I also teach senior Bible classes and lead the drama department at Sunrise Christian school. After being at the school for just over a year, the church opened up and God led me to this wonderful fellowship.

“At PCC, I loved the Bible-centered emphasis in all the classes and the focus on being servant-hearted ministers. God has gifted me with a love for preaching the Word of God; therefore, studying at PCC was the best because I got to hear the greatest preachers from all over the country and had opportunities to preach and minister in Christian service.

“For any student that desires higher education, I would tell them to consider PCC because of the faculty. They are incredible. The faculty gave me the mentorship and the teachings that have affected the rest of my ministry.

“I loved my experiences at PCC, and I’m very thankful to the school and those who have invested in me and impacted my life for eternity.”

Kurt Copeland

Kurt Copeland (’93 Missions grad)
Youth/Administrative/Missions Pastor,
Franklin Road Baptist Church
(Murfreesboro, TN)

“I came to Franklin Road Baptist Church in June 1994. Some of my responsibilities include overseeing the missions department of 172 missionaries, running the teen ministry, leading the soulwinning outreach, coordinating the church calendar, and teaching an adult Sunday school class.

“God is working in some unbelievable ways in our youth ministry. Almost every week, we see someone come to Christ in one of our teen services. I love the opportunity to see a teen trust Christ as his personal Savior and then to see that same teen begin living for Christ. Every Wednesday evening, we take our 50 to 75 teens out on two buses to knock on doors and tell others about Christ, and nearly every week we see souls saved. We have been blessed to currently have nearly 50 graduates enrolled in Christian colleges, training to serve God in some capacity.

“I thank God for the multitude of godly examples I had in my training at PCC. I felt that when I left with my degree in missions, I was prepared in my heart to serve God. PCC taught me to value my daily walk with the Lord, and I learned to depend upon God in so many ways.

“My wife and I are both alumni of PCC, and we couldn’t be happier with our education and the influence PCC had and still has on our lives.”

Dave Sexton

Dave Sexton (’08 Bible General Studies grad)
Student Pastor, Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Westerville, OH

“The best part about being in full-time ministry is the ability to give yourself wholly to the ministry of the church. You have time to study for your messages, build relationships with people, and accomplish so much with your time.

“Take every opportunity God gives you to actually serve. Don’t wait to be used. Be faithful now! Don’t ever think you know or have learned enough, and God can use ANYONE to teach you.

“The best thing about the ministry program at PCC was my internship at a local church. It was awesome to be serving in a church while still being around a multitude of people to ask questions of and learn from. A favorite memory was my PCC teacher coming to the Bible Conference we interns put on at our little church in Mobile, AL. He preached Sunday morning to a crowd of about 50 people. Even though he was one of the most well read and intelligent teachers I have ever had, he was on the point of tears for the honor of opening the Bible and being able to preach the truths in a practical way. The humility and reverence shown there has been forever burned into my memory, and I can never prepare to preach without thinking of the lesson I learned that day.”

Bill Fennell

Bill Fennell (’92 Youth Ministries grad)

  • Pastor, Mount Vernon Baptist Temple (Mount Vernon, OH)
  • Vice President of Christian Schools of Ohio

“I am the senior pastor at Mount Vernon Baptist Temple. God called me to this ministry after being a children’s pastor for six years. I love the wonderful opportunity to study, teach, and preach the Word of God and to minister with the greatest group of people in the world!

“In addition to practical training and Biblical knowledge, PCC taught me the importance of doing all for the glory of the Lord (1 Corinthians 10:31).”

Jon Gorman

Jon Gorman (’03 Pastoral Ministries grad)

  • Assistant Pastor, Faith Baptist Church of Margate, FL
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition and M.Div.: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“It is great to see God use me in His service. I love preaching His Word! I love seeing souls saved! What better reward could there be than when a new name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and God used you to have a part in it?

“I have served as assistant pastor of Faith Baptist Church of Margate, Florida, for 3 years (since graduating from seminary) under my father who pastors the church here. God has called me to plant a church for His glory, and He led me to ‘learn the ropes’ under my father until then. We are preparing to plant a church to reach the military at Ft. Dix/McGuire joint base in NJ.

“PCC not only instilled strong Bible doctrine through superior teaching and great Bible preaching, but living and working in the residence halls also helped me to learn how to be willing and flexible and to think of others. Being involved in the extracurricular activities helped me develop friendships that still last today. As a Bible student, I think that being saturated in the Word of God at PCC was the most helpful thing for me even now. I was called to preach while I was a student at PCC, and I might not have heeded that call if I had not been so focused on God through the tremendous Bible preaching and teaching there.

“I loved hearing practical helps from the many guest pastors that came to teach in Ministerial Seminar. These great pastors from all over America were able to offer Bible wisdom for things I am currently dealing with in the ministry, and their notes are still helpful to me even now. I also loved being very active in Bible clubs, door-to-door soul winning, nursing home ministries, and juvenile justice ministries. It was my involvement in these many different Christian service ministries of PCC that helped me to grow by letting God use me to see souls saved and Christians encouraged and learning God’s Word.

“The best things you can do to prepare for future ministry are to saturate yourself in the Bible and to get involved in the work now. PCC will help you tremendously in both areas. At PCC you will be surrounded with men and women of God who are dedicated to the Lord and strive to help you to follow Him. You will be instilled with sound doctrine through the great preaching and teaching. The chapel and prayer group times constantly encourage you to focus on the Lord. There are also many opportunities to get involved in sharing the Gospel with those in the surrounding community so that you can be serving while you are learning.”

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